Every Singaporean male (actually all Singaporeans too) knows about this journey that they have to go through, National Service. It’s a journey and experience that that mould and change a boy into a man, making them tougher and stronger. National Service in Singapore celebrated 45years of National Service during the recent Army Open House 2012. Over many generations of National Service has went and pass through over the years, there will always be something that Singaporeans can relate to when they look back over their National Service days and share with the younger ones on their days in National Service.

In the first season of Every Singaporean Son, they tell the story of the days, experiences and lives of different Singaporean males entering National Service, going through Basic Military Training (BMT) program. For those who haven’t enter National Service yet, it’s informative, excellent and fun to watch. For those who served their National Service, it’s a good reminder of their good old days and how much it has changed!

The second season of Every Singaporean Son, the National Service Fulltime (NSF) is being put through the rigors of leadership training at OCS and in the process, shed some light on how Army officers are trained, their 38 week journey at Officer Cadet School (OCS) in SAFTI Military Institute.

Here’s a trailer for Every Singaporean Son 2 : The Making of an Officer

You can check out more information on their website Every Singaporean Son on updates and the episodes that they are showing for the Season 2 of Every Singaporean Son! Enjoy the episodes and memories (for those who went through OCS) !!

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