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What do you work ? For Learning ? For Money ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Everyday, it is common for many of us to work and work. However, do we ever ask ourselves, what do we work for ? For Learning ? For Money ?

Are we being renumerated accordingly for our profession, talents, knowledge and skills ? Or are you struggling financially even though you are a highly respected professional in your respective fields ? Do you realise that, you are only a step (skill) away from great wealth besides just working hard only ?

In my previous book chapter reviews of Rich Dad Poor Dad, I highlighted that, to learn financial intelligence, you would require the synergy of the following segments –

  • Accounting
  • Investing
  • Marketing
  • Understanding the Law

Another source of great debate would be, do you choose to specialise a field that you are in ? Or do you do a bit of everything and learn from there ? By knowing a little bit about a lot, we could start to learn many different skills that would not only help us in our career, it would also change us and become better leaders and communicators in our career and our personal life too. Therefore, we should seek work for what we will learn, more than what we will earn. A key factor in becoming specialised is, the more specialised one becomes, the more trapped one becomes and dependent on that specialty.

In order to learn different skills and knowledge, the management skills needed for success are-

  • The Management of Cash Flow
  • The Management of Systems
  • The Management of People

For specialised skills, they are sales and understanding marketing. It is the ability to sell, the key tool to communicate in life, with another human being, the key to personal success. Communication skills such as writing, speaking and negotiating that are crucial to a life of success.

In life, to be truly rich and successful, we are not only a good learner, seller and marketer, we need to be good teachers and students, and we must be able to give as well as to receive.

Do you want to work just for money and forever be trapped in a rat race ? What do you work for ?

Adapted from Rich Dad Poor Dad, “Chapter Seven – Lesson Six : Work to Learn – Don’t Work For Money”, by Robert Kiyosaki.

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