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Hangover from many things

It had been some hectic weeks, doesn’t seem to slow down, some of the things that were occupying my time, energy and effort

– Singapore F1 GP ~ 1st Night Race !

– Financial Markets meltdown 

– Alumni activities planning

– Client servicing, prospecting and advisory

– Prospecting new business projects

– Squeezing running and gym into my time schedule (had been missing out gym for a number of weeks !)

– Giving blessings to people and receiving blessings

– Back logged things/matters to be done

– Preparing for a new domain and hosting for my photo blog and migration of data and posts

– Uploading photos to Facebook

– Planning to buy a 2nd hand Canon EOS 1D Mk II and more photography accessories !

– Planning to build up a portrait and car photos portfolio

– Still trying to find something that I am looking for ……. 

The list doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon ………………….. 

It’s time to get back to reading and continuing my book chapter reviews.

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