During National Achiever’s Congress 2008, there were 2 speakers whose expertise were in the fields of utilising the Internet. One of them was Joel Christopher, known as “The Master List Builder”, and he was the first person to open the session on Day 2 of National Achiever’s Congress 2008.

I had started Internet Marketing under the guidance of Jack Lan and Joel Christopher’s internet marketing was a good revision for me and learned good points as well from the session. Joel Christopher Internet Marketing Success Trio are the following 3 points in a triangle format:

  1. Traffic <Connect>  – Target Market/Visitors
  2. List <Leads> – Collect
  3. Customer <Convert> – Buyers

In order to get traffic, The following steps are:


The world of Internet Marketing is very dynamic and challenging, with room for growth. Do explore the world of blogging like what I had embarked on in April 2006 with my photojournalism blog and my personal blog in January 2008, an great fun and adventure over the years, getting to know more people around the world, who shared your interests and aspirations.

Welcome to the world of blogging and internet marketing !

2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing by Joel Christopher at National Achiever’s Congress 2008”
  1. you mean the one during 28-1 may at expo. how was the whole event. was not on time to register for the great event.

  2. Hi Cassie,

    Thanks for dropping by !

    Yes, NAC 2008 was held at the Singapore Expo. It was a wonderful event, very enriching and motivating.

    Do look out for NAC 2009, sign up early, you would not regret it !

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