This post almost couldn’t make it.

Last night, while I was surfing the internet, it suddenly “died” on me. Taking decisive action, I managed to revive it and continued surfing the internet and I thought everything was back to normal.

In the morning today, after waking up, everything was under control, until I switched from my Mac OS to Windows XP mode and suddenly, everything wasn’t working. I tried to troubleshoot the problem and initially thought I got the wireless router back in action. However, it wasn’t to be and suddenly, the LAN cable from the router to my 2 laptops couldn’t connect ! My online chat with the wireless product technical support earlier came to no avail. I faced 2 hours troubleshooting the router and cable modem, not being an IT expert does pose a bigger challenge to me.

Soon, I had to leave for work and was prepared for the worst, finding out my list of IT experts friends to standby and come over my home in the night and help me solve my IT troublesome shooting nightmare. I came back and give it a final test, starting with the cable modem. It worked !!!!! Moving on the wireless router, it stuttered and I switched both hardware off again, leave it off for at least 1 minute before switching on the cable modem first, followed by the wireless router.

Finally, all the 3 laptops in my home are back in action, I am keeping my fingers crossed, the problem would be solved. It can be very stressful when troubleshooting IT hardware and software, now I can go back and continue my blogging.

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