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Looking back at Q1 2018 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Writing down my quarterly, half yearly and yearly key happenings, reflections, thoughts, feelings and emotions over the past few years had been enriching and  eye opener at times, especially when I “go back” in time to read on a summary of the events and things that took place during that particular period of time.

I started off with a reflection on my photography (personal and business side of things) and you can read  about it here on my photo blog. On my personal/technology website/blog, it would be on the other aspects of things.

Spending time repairing and troubleshooting my photoblog that was down for a short period of time, took a toll on my writing and publishing of articles on both photo blog and personal blog.

Technology news articles sharing

For this particular news segment, there has been delays in publishing some new technology products launch or technology news updates. I had been looking at new areas such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, received a few news and articles on them, I didn’t get the opportunity to read and review them yet. Once I read through them, I would publish those selected articles in those areas. As for the brands that I work closely with, my apologies for the slower than usual reportage and coverage of your brands and products.

On the ground level

Things and situation on the ground level aren’t exactly rosy and comfortable, it’s difficult and tough, the society as a whole is stressful and under lots of pressure, the society might “look good” yet we are probably fighting a number of battles on different fronts.

Many a times, I don’t know how many of us, maybe a lot of us, might be fighting for survival and getting on with life instead of looking good and glamorous.

Ups and downs

Life has never been smooth sailing, ever since I got to know more about what life is all about. During the first quarter of 2018, there were hits, there were misses, ups and downs in life. There were disappointments, there were joy, life goes on, the show must go on, I have to perservere and carry on moving forward and upward.

Family is the most important thing

Qing Ming festival, a time for the extended family to come back together, to pay respects to their ancestors, remembering and honouring their legacy. This is also a time for extended family bonding and gathering.

Chatting with my cousins, uncles and aunties, we all might be at different locations, with their own families, work and commitments, yet we are still united and bonded as much as the whole extended family is can and able to do so. This will not be possible if not for the very strong and tough leadership led by the matriarch of the family, my late paternal grandmother, who helmed the extended family for 36 years (from 1980 to 2016) since her husband, my paternal grandfather passed on.

My late paternal grandmother is a very remarkable tough old lady and all of us, the whole extended family had the most utmost respect and admiration for her. Her legacy lives on, displayed and shown when the extended family gathers during Qing Ming festival and other major festivals.

Continuing to move forward

Personally, my gut feeling and views are that the society is getting more torn apart with all the spreading of news, ranting and imposing things/beliefs/ideologies/what you need to do.

Life is already not easy, fighting for survival and yet people are still “fighting” all over, instead of learning and improving themselves.

Avoid the nasty people, avoid the gurus, avoid those who make use of you, avoid those who put you down.

Living my own life with my head tall and proud, no gulity conscience, making a difference, creating an impact and making sure that I deliver my promises in my professional business work.

Onward I continue, upward I go.

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