Before continuing reading, this post might be very lengthy.

First and foremost, the year 2009 had been a very challenging year for me and for the world as well with the economic crisis that rocked the world economy. Being the last day of 2009, the eve of the new year 2010, I am relieved with the year 2009 coming to an end, ushering and welcoming a new year ahead, a new hope, a new beginning, a new marathon.

However, I am now reflecting on my year 2009, the good, the bad, just to write down in memories, to change and improve, to build on the rise and strive to excel further. Where do I start ? Well, it might be in random order, whenever thoughts come to my mind –

– Consultancy business ~ With the economic crisis looming and very poor consumer confidence and human fear, it just got tougher and more challenging for the entire year. I didn’t throw in the towel, instead, it forced me to think and expand on strategic marketing, client servicing and relationship building. Instead of thinking of the negatives, I was planning and improving while maintaining and servicing my clients accounts and portfolio. For year 2010, it’s a different challenge ahead.

– Photography ~ Sometimes, I felt that my skills weren’t improving as much as I would like to. Striving to constantly improve my photography skills, moving into fields of photography that I indulge less in e.g. corporate shoot photography & studio photography. Teaching and guiding people in photography is another method to improve my skills further too.

– Blogging & Social Media Networking ~ My blogging and social media networking grew tremendously this year, never before did it occur to me that bloggers do interact closely out of the blogsphere as well! Engagements by PR agencies with XPR, Hill & Knowlton, Weber Shandwick and 24seven in the year 2009 was awesome and the little rewards that slowly build up and returning back to you, giving more fame and publicity to my blogs. Got to know more bloggers too in real life !

– Significant achievement ~ Joint planning with 24seven in organising the Snap Snap November Outing, a photography taking trip to locations in Singapore that were hidden away and giving me a chance to mix with bloggers especially photographers.

– Running ~ A mixed year for me, timing wasn’t good for my long distance runs, failed to finish my Singapore Marathon 2009 due to abdominal cramps. Learning to be more disciplined and the need to train on a more consistent and regular basis for the future runs in 2010.

– Travel ~ Plans were thrown out of the window, very disappointing in this area. Hope to revive and really go for short breaks and 1 or 2 long trips in 2010. Planning 2 weeks of Brisbane & Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia in July 2010.

– Sports ~ Learned how to play beach volleyball, still a greenhorn. On the other side of sports, indulged into sports science, on fitness training and skills training. Would this area see a growth in 2010 ?

Closing the chapter of 2009 in a few hours time, the year 2009 had been a very tiring and emotional draining year for me. Looking forward to the year 2010, a new year, new hope and a new beginning.

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