It was Christmas and I wasn’t doing much, except resting, sleeping and watching television that was “programmed” with loving Santa Claus and modern Christmas themes. I was watching my local Singapore television channel OKTO, when I chanced upon a movie called “Merry Christmas” and I thought, another of those modern types of Christmas movie theme.

Well, I was so wrong and I was glued to the movie, inspired and awed by what Christmas was to them and how Christmas changed and impacted them. The movie was known as Joyeux Noel or Merry Christmas, a movie about a true story about World War One Christmas truce in December 1914 through the eyes of German, French and Scottish soldiers.

The movie told and shown us how Christmas, during the pain and horrors during a war, could yet temporarily stop a war between countries, united them for the night for singing, friendship, gift exchanges and mourning dead comrades. In the modern context of Christmas shopping, without such true and motivating real life stories and events, the movie Joyeux Noel shown all of us the power and love of Christmas instead of just shopping and eating.

Christmas is the time to spread the love and friendship!

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