It’s finally Official ! I had improved on my Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 timing. 

With a final timing of 6 Hours 09 Minutes 26 Seconds, I had shed off about 9 minutes off my 2007 Singapore Marathon timing. It wasn’t that a big of a time shed off, however, I felt great in achieving improvements, small steps, improving yearly. Although I felt that I could have taken off the 9 minutes and hit it below 6 hours into the sub 5 hours time. 

After my 4th Full Marathon Run, during the run, there were thoughts, inspirations and belief going inside my heart and mind, keeping me motivated and ongoing to finish my 4th Full Marathon. Looking ahead into the year 2009, I took the day off today and started planning for 2009, I am looking towards overseas runs, most likely half-marathons, would train for a further better improved timing for marathons in 2009, to clock below 5 hours.

Just to share some of my 2009 plans here 

– Overseas half-marathon runs, probably Phuket in June 2009

– Motivating, encouraging and guiding my friends, peers and juniors on running half marathons and full marathons

– Photography trips to Shangri-La, Yunnan, China and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

– Some other in-depth personal thoughts …….

A great run for me ! I Run My Own Race !

2 thoughts on “Marathon Official Results and Post Marathon Thoughts”
  1. Congratulations!

    I have no idea if I can run continuously for 6 hours! My Walking style only counts no more than 4000 steps per day!

    You are a hero!

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