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Completed my 4th Full Marathon ! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

On the 7th December 2008, at 0530 hrs, I started on another of my recent years regular pilgrimage, my 4th full marathon, a distance of 42.195km. Reflecting on my past 3 marathons, this was different for me, I recalled my 1st marathon, how painful it was for my knees when I completed it, today, probably because of seasoned running over the years and changes in marathon running strategic moves, the damage on my knees were lesser.

During my run, I seek, search, renew new inspirations, thoughts, planning and belief in my personal life and business. These positive thinking and thoughts sent from the brain to the heart and soul, will help to push me to the limits in times of crisis and pain. Today’s run, I was almost able to hit below 6 hours time frame, however, with insufficient physical training and conditioning, my timing is estimated to be around 6 hours 07 minutes or 6 hrs 12 minutes, due to the start off time difference (my timing on the finishing line clock is 6 hours 17 minutes).

There were a lot more full marathon runners today, running therefore has become a bigger and more widely accepted community sport that is easy for all to participate and enjoy. Overall, there were 50,000 runners participating in this year’s Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 !

Every step I took in running today’s full marathon, it was a step closer to the finishing line. The demands of a full marathon is physically demanding and can be draining mentally and emotionally. As I progressed towards in my business and personal life, this was also the time for me to put aside hatred, sadness, bitterness and disappointment. Every step I ran in my marathon today, is also a new step closer and further ahead in my life !

Let this be a start to more new inspirations, new happiness, new business, new ideas and a meaningful life, an expansion in career and business networks.

4 thoughts on “Completed my 4th Full Marathon !”
  1. My doctor once told me that teaching is a marathon, not a sprint, gotta take it slow and steady… i guess that’s what life is about?
    more good runs for you to come!

  2. Hi Shirley !

    THanks for dropping by ! It’s very true, teaching is also like a marathon & so is life !!!

    I would going for more runs in the future !

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