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In the process of growing up and learning, every one of us here, would definitely have look upon somebody higher, older and more experienced to learn a few things or wisdom from them. Besides that, there were also people who looked upon personal development trainers and speakers. Looking back at 31 years of my life, soon to be 32 ….. there were a number of role models that I looked upon and always seek to learn and model upon their beliefs, work ethics and wisdom.

My paternal grandmother, 91 years young, still going strong, is one of my role models. She’s living with my uncle’s family in Bukit Pasir, Muar, Malaysia. It was probably from her genes, the family line were hardworking people, with strong ethics and personalities, along with filial piety and respect.

When I was a small boy visiting her home for the Chinese New Year holidays in her hometown, I recalled an incident, I was chased by a big dog and ran home, leaving my slipper behind. With only 1 side of the slipper on 1 of my feet, I looked funny and stupid. My grandmother asked me what happened and I answered sheepishly that a big dog chased me, she didn’t laugh at me, instead, she held my hand, bring a stick and walked with me to pick up my slipper and “scare” the dog. That’s leadership by example …..

She’s not just a tough iron woman, my grandmother was well traveled and returned back to her birthplace in China and visited many other places too. With old age and injuries, she had to travel less due to her weaker joints, watch her diet, however, her health was still very good, considering her current age.

Last weekend, I went back with my family to attend my younger cousin’s wedding function. It was great to catch up with her, people might think and see her as old and slow. Well, they would be in for a shock, she never fail to impress and surprise us with her wit, sharpness and attention to details. She played mahjong with her extended family and won their money. When my auntie was ripped of a product’s price due to the shopkeeper writing down the wrong figure, it was my grandmother who spotted it and got it back rectified. 

At times, I felt my time spent with her wasn’t enough, yet, she didn’t scold me for that, however, I knew deep down inside that she would love to spend more time with her grandchildren who were based elsewhere. Being such an excellent role model, I would make aside more time to learn and spend more time with her and also take the time to be away from the hectic pace of city life to the slower and relaxing pace of countryside life.

Oh, had I mention that she is still growing her vegetables and rearing her own ducks and hens and do a physical count of her fowl everyday ? 

A Real and True Champion ! My Grandmother !

One thought on “Another Role Model – My Grandmother”
  1. I think I can understand your feeling.

    She is such a wise, kindly, optimistic person. She realy knows the truth of the life and already shows us a good sample!

    You let me miss my granny so much. But all I can have is her photos, she already left us many years.

    So, Back to your hometown often and spend more time with her, Your granny will feel so happy to see you again!

    PLS bring my best wishes to her! Yeah, Best wishes from the place near her hometown!

    Merry Christmas!

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