Recently, on my personal website/blog here, I have been writing more on those technology gears and IT accessories,  introduction and reviews. I have not been actively writing on my heritage adventure details, mostly photographing and documenting while observing and reading for some other topics that I hold closely to my heart.

Finally, I am putting it down in my heritage adventure round up summary as of today’s post, a few interesting adventures of mine to share here

Singapore Memory Project 

Do you recall my post “Singapore Memory Project – 5 million by 2015” This is something that I wanted to share my stories and photographs, many different memories of Singapore from my childhood days till today, my ongoing heritage, history, conservation and preservation personal projects. My stories and photos are currently still being collected and curated – I need to kick start my sharing there soon, if you have stories, memories and photographs to share of your Singapore, do join and share!

National Heritage Board (NHB) Void Decks Traveling Exhibition and my contributing post

My interesting journey into heritage, history, conservation and preservation with my photojournalism writing and thoughts, starting from the Green Corridor adventure, to covering, documenting and photographing Old Places, with my collection of stories here, to photographing, documenting and sharing traditional performing art troupes that faces huge challenges in the modern era. The next contribution was a post on “Void Deck – Our Cultural Communal Space“, written in support of NHB’s third community heritage exhibition on void decks entitled “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces.”  I was there at NHB official launch of NHB’s “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces” and I was very happy that I was able to contribute in a small way towards heritage, history, conservation and preservation in Singapore. The exhibition highlights the history and development of void decks in the HDB heartlands, their common features and uses, and their role in providing shelter, building community and promoting racial integration. The exhibition is currently on display at the void deck of Blk 2, Saint George’s Road for the month of April before travelling to Marine Parade and over void decks around Singapore.

– Lost and Found ~ Ancestors (maternal family tree line) found at Bukit Brown

After my 1st time exploring Bukit Brown with Nature Society Singapore, I was amazed by the lush beautiful greenery along with the history and heritage there. My instincts and curiosity in wanting to know and explore more about Bukit Brown brought me an adventure into the history and heritage of my maternal family tree, which in my conversations with my aunties, uncles and cousins, I found ancestors (from my maternal family tree) at Bukit Brown, 2 Great-Grandmothers, 1 Great-Grandfather, 1 Grand Uncle and 1 Great-Grand Uncle.

My 2 Great-Grandmothers and 1 Great-Grandfather are slated for “en-bloc” because their “homes” that they were resting at, is in the plans of the upcoming 8 lanes expressway. When I first visited Bukit Brown, it never dawned upon me that I walked past my ancestors without knowing they were there and I had a connection rooted there.

For my Grand Uncle and Great Grand Uncle, they were located at another location, top of the hill/plateau, finally found them after getting the assistance of the caretaker Ah Hock, found on 5th May 2012. A more detailed post will be done when I do finish the Google Maps on where to park the car, where to start walking and how to get up there to pay respects, for the rest of my maternal family tree line.

That’s the end of my summary here, dated 6th May 2012, however, that’s not the end of my adventure in my ongoing heritage, history, conservation and preservation personal projects. I have to follow up on

– Green Corridor ~ the railway lines and the community garden at Clementi Avenue 4

– Bukit Brown ~ my history, heritage and family connections ,  the greenery and wildlife conservation

– Old Places ~ an urgent sense to photograph them before it’s torn down

– Submitting and contributing stories, memories and photographs to Singapore Memory Project.

This documentary photojournalistic adventure is taking me to places far beyond my imagination and I am documenting it as much as possible.

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