Memories, whether is it childhood, growing up, working adult or as mature/senior member in society, memories played a very important role and element in our human race. Memories define us, a human being, sociology of family, friends, society, countries and the entire human race.

“Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes with others to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future.”
Mattie Stepanek

Singapore, a young country by independence, it has changed a lot, from a sleeping fishing village, to a bustling harbour that connects the East and West on the trading route, a British Colony, gaining full independence and transforming over her independence years till the cosmopolitan city today, the changes were tremendous, revolutionary and evolutionary, it’s not just changes to Singapore, worldwide, many countries are going through many many changes too, only memories can serve the human race to remember.

Singapore’s story is unique in her own way, as much we had progressed a lot in prosperity and standards of living, some of our history, heritage and landmarks were gone in our quest for economic survival, it’s inevitable that this journey was started upon. Therefore, as Singapore progressed today, a lot of us started to “take stock” and seriously look into how can we preserve our unique and special memories ? My personal in-depth thoughts on History, Heritage, Preservation, Conservation is a good starting point to read.

Our National Library Board, formed irememberSG and they are now actively collecting Singapore Memories, with a target to collect 5 Million Memories by 2015. It’s an awesome noble and worthy movement, it’s viral, active, lively, nostalgic, beautiful and engaging, not just for us Singaporeans, it’s for our friends and visitors too!

Let’s spread the word, tell your family members, loved ones and friends around you, spread the viral movement, let’s all help to collect Memories of Singapore and contribute ! Stay in touch and connected here –


Let’s all make it happen !! 5 Million Singapore Memories by 2015 !!

3 thoughts on “Singapore Memory Project – 5 Million by 2015”
  1. Hello Geng Hui, my name is Ivan. I’m with the Singapore Memory Project. Found my way to your post and just want to thank you for supporting this national project. Oh, you are right to say the iRememberSG site was created by NLB. But I’d like to emphasize to your blog readers that this is not a NLB project, but a national project (NLB is like the project custodian). Thanks again for your support. Best regards. P.s. are you with the Memory Corp? (i should check with my colleague, but won’t meet them until Monday!) If not, would you like to know more about this?

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