New Toy Review – Apple 3G iPhone !

After months of waiting, it was of great fun when I received news that Apple 3G iPhone would be arriving in Singapore on 22nd August 2008. When it arrived on 22nd August, I couldn’t get it on that stroke of midnight itself, firstly, I am not the priority customer and secondly, I can only do it earliest on 28th August and thirdly, it fits in nicely as my contract is allowed for mobile phone upgrade on 29th August.

On 28th August, after anxious preparations for getting accessories, updating iTunes. I finally got hold of my newest toy ! It’s been a few days after getting my 3G iPhone, tied up at my business, I couldn’t set myself the time to blog, review and share my thoughts and feelings for it.

Nevertheless, a blog post long overdue. You would probably had read many fellow bloggers entries on their Apple 3G iPhone, they did brought up some very good pointers on the 3G iPhone. My experiences to date as follows :

(1) It’s a very cool smartphone for me personally.

(2) My PDA Phone now officially becomes a PDA only.

(3) The GPS (Maps) function is simply awesome, don’t leave home without it, enough said, try it out, love how it tracks your movement !

(4) Double up as an iPod, now I have my a very cool MP3 player !

(5) With 3G, it helps to be updated on financial news, weather and my emails.

(6) Watching You Tube when I am bored.

Some other pointers also to take note of

(1) Read your manual, it helps you to understand the finer and technical points of Apple iPhone functions.

(2) Don’t be “trigger happy” and overshoot your bundled data usage.

(3) iTunes is your most important sync software for your iPhone, master it.

(4) Remember to buy your screen protector and casing.

Some people like the Apple 3G iPhone, some don’t. I like it greatly and enjoying my newest toy !

Hope you all have fun with you Apple 3G iPhone !

2 thoughts on “New Toy Review – Apple 3G iPhone !

  • October 1, 2008 at 1:31 am

    Apple knows it job!iPhone 3G is the real stuff!Thanks for great review

  • October 17, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Apple is one of the well-respected brand. I hope I can have an Apple laptop. But I know it need lot of time for me to do it do if I want to buy a brand new.

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