The phrase “The Tribe has spoken”, I kind of like it when I watched the reality show “Survivor”. By applying this phrase to our current economic climate and situation at this juncture in time (end of Q3 2015 when this article is published), the tribe has spoken, the world economy, the world markets, they have spoken. We are now in some pretty challenging and tough times, the expectations and forecasts ahead for the next 6 months (Q4 2015 and Q1 2016) is not exactly blissful and smooth.

Currently, we are in a Bear market situation + slowed down growth, technical recession is looming. If negative growth seeps into Q4 2015 and Q1 2016, yes, it might translate into recession. Speaking to fellow business owners and friends who are in the financial line, it’s a possibility while some say it might be avoided. A quote by my old friend Michael, “It might be a big bearish market” a.k.a very slow growth.

Helping to run a SME business, I can see for myself, first hand economic experiences from the impacts of the market changes via our business figures and enquiries. Networking with people from other industries, hearing their stories, it’s beyond pessimism, it’s the actual cruel reality of their industries. Some are more hurt than the other industries, some companies are holding back, some might be able to expand.

A bear market and a recession spells tough times for everybody, from business to the daily citizen on the streets. It’s a time to hold back on unnecessary expenditure, inevitably affecting other business when you can’t spend and consume products/services, it’s a viscious cycle. A period of bear market and recession also spells investment opportunities if you have the spare capital and the time to hold.

It used to be a longer period for market and economic cyclical movement, from the top to the bottom. The world changed so rapidly over the past 10-20 years, it’s getting more inter-connected than before. We have yet to fully recover from the 2008 financial crisis and it’s showing up all over the world. Market and economic cycles are now looking like a 5-7 years phase instead of 10-15 years cycle.

Do you remember these tough times ?

1997 – Asia Financial Crisis

2000 – Dot Com bubble

2003 – SARS

2008 – Sub-prime crisis

2015/2016 – ?

A period of slow growth is definitely better than a period of negative growth. Watch what you have been spending on, your lifestyle, your wants, your needs.

Now is also a good time to prepare your spare capital and select the appropriate investment tool (based on how much spare capital you have).

  • Private equity investments
  • Venture Capital investments
  • Private consortium investments
  • Selected stocks and shares
  • Start your small business (on your own or with friends)

Will you do something for yourself and for your future? Or will you continue spending and spluring without saving? Make a difference to yourself and your future, do not be a first world living person with a third world financial literacy level and mindset.

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