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Sharing : 29 Ways to Stay Creative

There were some times when we faced obstacles in our life, business, work, relationships and friendships and staying ahead of the pack, the pace of society or competition. While there were times when we felt that the pace of life was too fast for us to catch up and we blame on the fast pace, however, it also shows that we are not fast enough to catch up and overtake them to be leading in front, to be a market leader or influence.

Sometimes we just lose our directions, our creativity and we needed something to recharge and refresh ourselves, in our life, business, work, hobbies or interests, I found this video “29 Ways to Stay Creative” and would like to share it with all here, hope this helps you in some way or another to recharge, refresh and continue the journey and destination that you have embarked on!



One thought on “Sharing : 29 Ways to Stay Creative

  • This is a fun,inspiring video. Thanks for sharing.:)

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