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SIM Only Plan by Singtel - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Singtel recently launched a new mobile plan for their customers, it is something that would catch the attention of current and new customers. This is the SIM Only Plan by Singtel, data centric, contract free and fully customisable. Let me share with you more information on the SIM Only Plan by Singtel from their press release.

The basic plan is a $20 Starter Pack which includes 5GB of data (3GB local mobile data and 2GB Singtel Premium WiFi) and free incoming calls and SMS.

Users can choose to customise their plan at any time by adding extra data, talktime and SMS/MMS at affordable rates, hence benefiting from an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility. Charges will be reflected in their monthly bill.

Ms Diana Chen, Singtel’s Vice President of Mobile Marketing, Consumer Singapore, said: “Our customers have spoken and we are responding by expanding our range of plans to suit their usage needs. Today, we are seeing an insatiable appetite for online information and entertainment which is fuelling the demand for more data. At the same time, customers are craving greater flexibility in the way they manage their communication needs.”

“So we’ve made it possible for users to bring their own device, select only the services they want and enjoy a considerable amount of data from just $20 a month – and all without having to commit to a contract.”

Singtel SIM Only plan:

  • Starter Pack:

$20 for 5GB of data (3GB local data and 2GB Singtel Premium WiFi), free incoming calls and free incoming SMS

  • Add-on options:

Local Data



































E.g. A customer who takes up the Starter Pack and decides to add 1GB of extra data, 200 mins of talktime but no SMS will pay a total of $20 + $5 + $5 = $30/month.

Customers can sign up for the SIM Only plan at any Singtel Shop or Singtel Exclusive Retailers, or visit for more information.

* Information and details courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

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