I had wanting to write about topics regarding the world economy, local economy and Singapore 50 thoughts and feelings. My workload had been really heavy and taxing and I was getting slower in writing my technology and gadgets articles, my photography time and photojournalist writing had decreased as well. Overall, I still managed to get my articles and photographs up for the events and stories that I covered.

I am planning to write more in-depth on the topics that I was planning to write and share my inner most thoughts, ideas and feelings. First and foremost, for today’s article summary of updates, I would try to write briefly and go more in-depth soon.


The time has come, whereby the world economy can no longer contain its bubble. It was probably 1-2 years in the making of the “cannot take it anymore and have to burst” stage. The signs had started showing some time, 1-2 years back, and with the recent financial and economic news in the international markets and economy, it’s probably the start of the arrival of a slowdown (some felt that it is another global recession), now part of every 5 years cycle.

Time to save money, folks. Time to break out of your own utopia.

Happy 50th Birthday

Happy SG50 Birthday Singapore, I had wanted to write something for you, the good, the bad, thoughts, feelings, emotions and possible the future. It might be a bit late as this time, I would probably combine it with a post General Elections 2015 article, let’s see how it goes. I need to get my writing out on paper and onto my article.

Will there be another SG50 to become SG100? Yes or No, Yes and No ?

General Elections 2015

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. I am still wondering how much I want to write on this topic, it’s open, it can be very sensitive, it’s also the test for the winds of change in modern Singapore, defining and building our 4th generation of modern Singapore and beyond. Can this General Elections 2015 probably be the start of a brand new era for Singapore into the next sG50 years?

Things will not be easy in this modern era, technology has made us lazier, social media has opened us more for the good and bad reasons.

There are many thoughts inside my mind … soon, I will pen them down and share it in my future articles.

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