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SingTel announces Xiaomi Redmi price plans

The Redmi smartphone, by Xiaomi, is making a pretty big impact in the smartphone market. This is a smartphone that certainly caught my attention and I was considering to get it as my spare smartphone for its attractive pricing and dual sim card capabilities, great for traveling overseas! SingTel is offering the Redmi smartphone too and here are their price plans for the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone that is available during IT Show 2014 starting on 27th February 2014  –

The handset will be available free with a 2-year subscription to SingTel’s Lite, Value, Plus and Prestige mobile plans and $68 with the SuperLite plan. It will also be available without contract at $169.

  Outgoing Local Calls Incoming Calls Local SMS/MMS Local Data Monthly Subscription Xiaomi Redmi price
SuperLite 100 mins FREE 500 100MB $27.90 $68
Lite 100 mins FREE 800 2GB $39.90 $0
Value 200 mins FREE 900 3GB $59.90 $0
Plus 500 mins FREE 1000 4GB $99.90 $0
Prestige Unlimited FREE Unlimited 12GB $239.90 $0


If you are keen on the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone, do drop by SingTel booth during IT Show 2014 and purchase it!

* Information courtesy of SingTel Corporate Communications *

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