22nd February – Happy Founder’s Day!

22nd February, to everybody in the Scouting movement, it is Founder’s Day or World Scout Day. Even though I am not as active as before in the Scouting movement, I am still connected with my alma mater Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group and the Dragon Chapter (for us Old Boys to stay connected).

Looking back at my photographs that I took of my alma mater Dragon Scout Group during their special events and projects, it always feels great to be back to a family of great heritage, history and culture, with our roots dating back to 1922! The role now that I play and support to my alma mater is of mentoring and guidance in their special projects, it is where I learned a lot of life and outdoor skills in the Dragon Scout Group family. This is something that I have to Pass It On and Pay It Forward, the Dragon Scouting fire and spirit!

Time to find and allocate time going back to my alma mater!

If you would love to connect with my alma mater, you can find their links below and connect with them –

Dragon Scout Group website

Dragon Scout Group Facebook Page 

Dragon Chapter Facebook Page

Wishing all a Happy Founder’s Day to all in the Scouting movement! 

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