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Strategic Planning for 2008 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

In life, we have always been taught to plan for almost everything, either in schools or by our parents. Over the years, as I gained in years of experience of life and work, strategic planning is of greater and utmost significance and importance.

Although I didn’t fulfill all of my goals and plans, when I reflected back again over the past 3 years, I had my disappointments definitely and 1 significant event was very hurting emotionally.

In the aspect of my career goals, I had grown and learned so much during my past 2.5 years working as a financial consultant entrepreneur. There were many changes:

  • Handling negative emotions and thoughts (still can improve)
  • Improved soft skills and EQ (still a lot to improve on)
  • Learning to accept criticisms and comments (still a lot to improve on)
  • Appreciating the people and things around me
  • Entering into fields that I dream of but never dare to venture
  • Leadership, mentoring, sharing and training people, friends and my juniors
  • Better networking
  • Changing my lifestyle to be more fit and healthy (there will be a segment on marathon running)
  • Self-improvement and thirst to gain knowledge
  • Paying It Foward and returning to give back what I have learned (in work and my alumni, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group)
  • Expanding my business horizon to international markets (if not, I am still a frog stuck at the bottom of the well)
  • Improving my hobbies (especially photography)
  • Making more new friends

There were many strong and excellent growth points, however, in terms of renumeration, this area is very disappointing and I am making it a top priority to improve it by leaps and bounds.

Strategic Planning for Year 2008


  • $150,000 for Year 2008 – Financial Consultancy Services
  • $1,000 per month (from July 2008) – Internet Marketing

Personal Development:

  • Mentor and train young leaders of Dragon Scout Group
  • Self-improvement via books reading and courses (do keep a lookout for recommended books to read and courses to attend)

Travel Destinations (revised 2008 schedule)

  • March – Hong Kong & Guangzhou
  • July – Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • October – South Korea

42.195km Marathon Runs

  • Sundown Marathon – 31/05/2008
  • Lion City Marathon – 29/06/2008
  • Standard Chartered Marathon – 07/12/2008

We can set many many goals BUT without ACTION , we will not achieve it. In order to achieve these goals, it has to be break down into smaller segments or checkpoints for us to reach the specific goals that we set today, right here, right now.

Whatever goals and plans you have for Year 2008, Good Luck to all of you !

Hold on true to your dreams in your heart, don’t let anybody destroy your dreams ! Plan your strategic and tactical approaches to your Goals 2008 !!! Let’s ALL work hard for our goals, dreams and aspirations !

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