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When Mother Nature Strikes - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

In the space of 2 weeks, natural disasters strike our Mother Earth, Cyclone Nargis devastating Myanmar on 2nd May 2008 and a mega 7.9  Richter scale earthquake that caused great damage to Sichuan Province on 12th may 2008.

The situations in both countries are very serious, bring out the papers, read the news on the internet, on the blogs, social networking sites….. All have reports on the 2 countries situations.

It’s not going to be a nice post to talk about the drastic situations in other countries. However, I reflected and remembered when I encountered a personal crisis and lost a mate of mine, it was very difficult for me and took me time to overcome the grief.

A fellow blogger whom I knew from MyBlogLog social networking community, iWalk, U2?, wrote about the earthquake that struck her country and especially her hometown that she grew up in. It wasn’t easy for her at all, and our thoughts and prayers were with her.

Let’s all pray for all people affected by the natural disasters, Bless them and do something for them, in one small way or another.

8 thoughts on “When Mother Nature Strikes”
  1. Mother Earth is sending out the signals already. If we still do not conserve our environment, we are going to lose our homeland.

  2. Thank your kindly care and encouragement these days, My dear friends!

    Yeah, Maybe it’s still not too late to think about if we can live better together with mother nature.

    I will fly to Chengdu tomorrow morning to do something helpful.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi peewee,

    I totally agree with you, we need to take action to heal our Mother Earth, or else, we would lose our homeland.

  4. Gaia is most certainly sending out signals, she has always done so. We are so disconnected from our roots that we cannot hear her anymore so she is now sending signals that at least we can see and feel. Unfortunately this has to happen its like the fear of fire after getting burnt.

  5. Hi Malta Photography,

    Thanks for dropping by here ! Totally agree with you on the point that “so disconnected from our roots”…. We all need to stand up, take serious note and actions to save Gaia.

  6. I really show great empathy to the victims of the 2 natural disasters! I reckon that this is just a sign of what is to come in the near future, especially the imminent The End Of The World on 2012. I read alot of articles about 2012, like the Nibiru Planet which is approaching us which will cause polarity shift of our planet and cause immense chaos to Earth and the Mayan Calendar ending on 2012 which will be the end of the world for humankind! All these really strike fear into me, but i choose to live positively and continue my path to become financially free no matter what is going to happen on 2012. I hereby hope everyone else will also continue to strive for their goals and live life to the fullest no matter what is to come on 2012. Peace.

  7. Hi Anson,

    I understand the problems we human beings have been bringing to Earth, and the point on 2012 being the end of the world.

    Your choice to stay positive and strive for your goals would be a very good example for everybody here, irregardless of what’s going to happen.

    We must strive to leave a legacy behind for our future generation.

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