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Work Hard for Money or Money Work Hard for You ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

At this moment, I am currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and I am becoming more enlightened with my goals, aspirations and growth as an entrepreneur today, while I combined the different teachings and wisdom of different writers, applying to my business model and operations.

Chapter One of Rich Dad Poor Dad is “The Rich Don’t Work for Money”, a simple concept that encompass why the Rich get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer, and the Middle Class, would eventually be squeezed down to Poor if they choose not to take further actions at all. Knowledge learned in schools is important, however, life lessons, aka “University of Life”, is the best teacher of all.

Life pushes us all around and all the time, we can choose to fight or give up. There were many life lessons to be learned from many different sources. Most quit and move on while a few will choose to stay and fight. If we learn the lessons, we will become wiser, wealthier and happier, otherwise, we would be BLAMING almost everything that could be found in our path and praying for a big “break” to solve the problems.

We must take the first step and realise that we are sometimes the problem and stop blaming any other thing possible instead. With that attitude and mindset, we learn something, improve and grow to be a better and wiser person. To learn and change to be a better person, it is up to us, our brain, our mind, that is the difference.

Are we always in the RAT RACE everyday ? Why does it keep on repeating the same old routine ? It all boils down to our human beings FEAR and GREED, fear of not having money motivates us to work harder. Once the money is in, we spend to fulfill our desires and greed, and this pattern repeats itself again and again. The harsh and true reality is Money is running our life, thus controlling our emotions and hence our souls.

The ignorance by human beings on money causes negative emotions of FEAR and GREED, by controlling our emotions to being positive and to a human being’s advantage, we need to constantly search for new information and knowledge, opening one’s mind up over the dreadful enemy of IGNORANCE.

Learn to use our emotions to think and not think with our emotions, choose our thoughts wisely instead of reacting to knee jerking reactions and decisions.

With that, only can we have the Money Working Hard for You instead of You Working Hard for Money.

Whatever that were summarised above from reading Chapter One, I was a typical RAT RACE participant, willing and always complaining, blaming and looking for a lucky break. In my entrepreneur tour of duty to date, it was moving away from such thoughts, emotions and actions, however, I still had a lot to learn and improve, especially on handling the emotions and traps of GREED and FEAR. It’s a crucial and big step foward and I need to make bigger strides, learning and understanding.

Do You want to Work Hard for Money or You want Money to Work Hard for You ?

4 thoughts on “Work Hard for Money or Money Work Hard for You ?”
  1. My ambition is always small, First want a job can travel a lot, then want do something interesting. But money is so important to everybody.
    You can be a big deal, JH!

  2. Well said!!!
    Recently I have been reading a fair few books on self-improvement in my latest effort to re-calibrate my goals-setting for this year.
    There are many ways in which we go about setting our goals but I feel there are several things we have to be sure about –
    1) Our goals are meant for ourselves. This will determine how badly we want to do the “donkey work” in order to achieve our goals.
    2) Dont try to emulate other people. Just as Albert Einstein is the best Albert Einstein, you are the best YOU.
    3) Goals-setting is all well and good but more importantly is the action plan, the sense of urgency, the need for change and, most importantly, making the first step, that will see us attain our goals.
    4) And, of course, our goals should be BIG and, while being quantifiable, should be infinite.

    Here’s my 2-cents worth.

  3. Hi Pride In Our Past, Faith In Our Future,

    Thanks for your kind comments ! Really appreciate you adding your wisdom and sharing on other aspects of self-improvement here to reinforce and complement the post that I written here !

    Looking foward to you contributing regularly !

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