It’s been a while since I updated here, had been busy and things had not been easy. Just the latest news and updates on my entrepreneur network.

Consultancy Business : Difficult to contact and make appointments with clients, they had been very busy and unable to meet. Keeping my chin up and keep going !

Blogging Business : Joined Yebber, something interesting and new. Do check it out too ! Registered StumbleUpon too ! Do link up if you are on StumbleUpon too !

Fitness Training : Going to Gym for workouts 3 days a week, need to ensure I maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle and a good avenue to relieve stress from work.

Running/Marathon Training : Had not  started running, would look into starting to run soon, SunDown Marathon is coming soon.

Electronic Gadgets : 2 new toys are coming, keep a lookout!

Photography Personal Projects : Do drop into my photojournalism blog post here !

Personal Development : Still in the midst of reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki.

Miscellaneous : Fighting mosquitoes that is sucking me these few weeks.

Thanks for reading !

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