Recently, I was asked to write a short introduction about …….. My Photography Experience.

What was this all about ? Before proceeding further, let me share an introduction to –

“A self-learned photographer, introduced by my dad to his Pentax M42 mount manual film camera when I was in Primary School, influenced by my uncles and older cousins as well as National Geographic and traveling. Mentored by a few professional photographers during projects & assignments and still constantly searching for inspirations and improvements, exploring other areas of photography that has not been ventured.

Photography experience over 20 years, wasn’t really that active until the last 4 years being the period of very active photography, improvements and learning. Started my photoblog in April 2006 to combine my passion in writing, travel experiences and photography, to be an Aspiring Photojournalist !”

Folks, do drop by my photojournalist blog and hope you enjoy reading my photography, travel and events adventure !

This was done in conjunction with the “Snap Snap November” Outing, pop in there and the mystery would be solved !

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