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A HOT New Balance 15km Real Run 2009 Completed !! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Waking up at 5am, picking up friends, Alex, Shi Wei & Gabriel at 530am and reaching Changi Exhibition Centre at 615am, waiting for the 15km New Balance Real Run 2009 to kick start at 730am. This is uniquely New Balance Real Run, with the running route having to close off the roads in preparation for the run and waiting for 1 hour.

Photos-of-Race-TerrainPhoto Source : New Balance Real Run

Enjoyed the sunrise, stretched and warmed up slowly, waited for Viktor and Jerlyn to join us. Soon the 15km run started at 0725hrs and we all started running !! There was a big crowd turnout today, estimated to be around 14,000 to 15,000 runners, New Balance Real Run is not usual typical running event, it consists of 3 different terrains to conquer and it can be physically demanding

Trail – 4km

Sand – 0.6km

Taxiway / Road – 10.4km

img_mapPhoto Source : New Balance Real Run

Running across 3 different terrains over 15km serves as a good build up to my Singapore Marathon 2009 in about 1 month’s time, I would be entering 20km training phase next week, 1 x 20km on the weekend, 1 x 10km or 15km on the weekday. Getting back into the New Balance Real Run, although the crowds were quite big, it wasn’t that crowded with the wide spaces available. Overall, some parts of the terrain was more demanding especially the sand and the final 2km running back to the Finishing Point, the hot sun from the sky above and heat coming from the road really zap a lot of energy off me, even though I been through this route & situation before, I still find it very challenging for the final 2km !

IMG_0272My colleagues

This sunday morning was HOT, by the time I finished 4km of Trail, my singlet was “glued” to my body with my perspiration, drinking and hydrating was done at all water points. Finishing the run at 1 hr 40 min 22 s and I set my target for the New Balance Real Run at 1 hr 30 mins, it wasn’t too far off considering the route and terrain demands and the scorching HOT weather and last but not least, I enjoyed my New Balance Real Run, had fun and took a step further in my marathon training preparation !

IMG_0277My juniors from DSG !

Finishing the run, enjoying the air-conditioning inside the exhibition hall, queue for good bag and resting with friends and colleagues, taking group photos with finisher medal. Next run ….. Singapore Marathon 2009 !

One thought on “A HOT New Balance 15km Real Run 2009 Completed !!”
  1. Unbelievable! It was only 0.6km on beach/sand. How can it be? I almost died on the beach! ~phew

    Anyway, I proud of myself to complete race in 2hrs 9mins!! *first time in New Bal Real Run

    am thinking, I can be an half-NS folk la after the run…

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