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Exclusive Promotions for Beats by Dre, Crazybaby & SteelSeries

For the techies and audiophiles in Singapore, there are some exclusive promotions for Beats by Dre, Crazybaby & SteelSeries at Takashimaya, From 27 March to 9 April 2019. Time to drop by Takashimaya and take a look at the gadgets at the Takashimaya Men’s & Sports Bazaar 2019.

What are the exclusive promotions like?


  • Get QCK Heavy at $44 (UP: $55) or XXL at $55 (UP: $65) when you purchase any SteelSeries Mouse
  • 10% OFF All SteelSeries Gaming Headsets


  • 25% OFF Air by Crazybaby (Nano) True Wireless Headphones

  • 20% OFF Crazybaby Air 1S True Wireless Headphones

Beats by Dre

  • 10% OFF SoloWireless headphones

  • 10% OFF PowerBeatsWireless headphones
  • 10% OFF StudioWireless headphones



Date: 27 March 2019 to 9 April 2019
Time: 10am to 930pm
Venue: Takashimaya B2 Atrium (391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873)

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Beats/Crazybaby/AKG @ IT Show 2019

The weekend is here, this is also IT Show 2019 weekend! If you are planning to do some shopping for technology gadgets, why not check out some of the deals at IT Show 2019 this weekend at Suntec Singapore? Are you planning to get headphones or earphones for your music enjoyment?

Air by CrazyBaby 

Beats Solo 3

If you are looking at buying new earphones or headphones at IT Show 2019, check out the promotions below!

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Christmas Gift Guide by Hwee Seng

The festive month of December is here, as we count down to Christmas 2018, have you thought about your Christmas gifts and what are you planning to get for your family, relatives and friends? 

Don’t worry, let me share with you Christmas Gift Guide by Hwee Seng, from technology gadgets to kitchen appliances, they would definitely be suitable as a Christmas gift for your family, relatives and friends! For coffee lovers, check out the BODUM ePEBO Coffee Maker, check out my review article on the BODUM ePEBO coffee maker that I published! Share this Christmas Gift Guide by Hwee Seng, pay it forward and pass it on! 

Let me share the Hwee Seng Christmas Gift Guide:

Happy Christmas Shopping with Hwee Seng Electronics! 

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Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale – 26th to 28th Oct 2018

Techies, Audiophiles, Gadgets and Home owners alert! You have to take a look at the upcoming Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale 2018!

Save the dates, 26th to 28th October 2018! 

Be prepared to save up to 90% on top brand audio equipments, speakers, receivers, headphones, earphones, air purifiers, kettles, coffee machines and many more, from brands such as AKG Headphones, Anthem, Airfree Air Purifier, Beats by Dre, Bodum, Go Gear, Jamo, Onkyo and Paradigm.

Bodum, is one of the brands that Hwee Seng Electronics carry in Singapore, they would also be on sale during this upcoming Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale.

Have you heard of the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker? Check out my review article that I did published recently!

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Details on Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale 2018

Dates:  26 to 28 October 2018, Friday to Sunday

Time:  11am to 7pm

Venue:  Hwee Seng Office (81 Genting Lane #02-02, Everich Industrial Building, Singapore 349566)

Website: https://www.hweeseng.com

Facebook Page: Hwee Seng Electronics 

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Review

Beats Studio3 wireless headphones was launched in September 2017 by Dr. Dre (Beats), a leading global premium headphones brand co-founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. The Beats Studio3 is their most advanced headphone, excellent sound quality with noise canceling feature known as Pure ANC (Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling) technology.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Beats Studio3 wireless  headphones, let me share with you my thoughts and views of the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones!

Let me start off on the sound quality review segment


  • Treble – Clear, smooth, sharp and precise sound quality
  • Bass – Not as strong/powerful that I would like it to be, overall, still pretty solid bass, solid, clear and smooth

Overall, the sound quality is pretty good.

Classical music/Acoustic music –  Ideal and suitable to be played with the Beats studio 3 wireless headphones

Live concert music/Rock music – Not too bad, just feel that the “punch” is not there, due to bass that is not strong enough to deliver the strong bass in rock music.

(Disclaimer: I don’t profess to be an audiophile expert, just a music/earphones enthusiast)

Technology and Connectivity

With the industry leading Class 1 Bluetooth Technology connecting the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones powered by Apple W1 chip, it makes this pair of earphones seamless connecting with/between Apple eco-system devices.

It has a fast and easy connection via bluetooth to Apple devices, iOS and Mac OS X, with your Apple ID Name display on your Apple devices e.g. Geng Hui’s Beats Studio 3. Moreover, theere is a battery indicator on Mac OS X and iOS, giving users an indicator on the amount of battery life left in the headphones.


My personal opinion is that the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones is more ideal and suitable for home use. Although, you can also bring it out inside a carrying case (bend and fold it into the carrying case) or hang it around your neck and shoulders, it all depends on your fashion and music preference and style!

This Beats Studio3 wireless headphones can get hot and stuffy around the ears due to the ears being “wrapped around” in our hot and humid tropical climate.

Pure ANC Technology

Pure ANC technology (Anti Noise Cancellation) is excellent, blocks out external noise from the outside, giving users an excellent sound system that they dream of, without external noise inteference! However, do be careful and mindful if you are outside walking and listening to the Beats studio 3 headphones because with such excellent anti noise cancellation, you might not be aware of your surroundings and happenings!

The Beats Studio3 wireless headphones overall is an excellent, solid and comfortable earphones. The Pure ANC technology is an awesome feature of this headphone, this would make it attractive and enticing to the audiophiles out there who would like to listen to their world of music, isolated in their own world, away from all the noises in the society.

If you are keen to own a Beats Studio3 wireless headphones, you can purchase them from Hwee Seng Electronics Singapore E-Store!

I would like to thank Hwee Seng Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar for the opportunity to review the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones.

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