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Exclusive Promotions for Beats by Dre, Crazybaby & SteelSeries

For the techies and audiophiles in Singapore, there are some exclusive promotions for Beats by Dre, Crazybaby & SteelSeries at Takashimaya, From 27 March to 9 April 2019. Time to drop by Takashimaya and take a look at the gadgets at the Takashimaya Men’s & Sports Bazaar 2019.

What are the exclusive promotions like?


  • Get QCK Heavy at $44 (UP: $55) or XXL at $55 (UP: $65) when you purchase any SteelSeries Mouse
  • 10% OFF All SteelSeries Gaming Headsets


  • 25% OFF Air by Crazybaby (Nano) True Wireless Headphones

  • 20% OFF Crazybaby Air 1S True Wireless Headphones

Beats by Dre

  • 10% OFF SoloWireless headphones

  • 10% OFF PowerBeatsWireless headphones
  • 10% OFF StudioWireless headphones



Date: 27 March 2019 to 9 April 2019
Time: 10am to 930pm
Venue: Takashimaya B2 Atrium (391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873)

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* Information courtesy of Brand Cellar *

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