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Blockchain, Crypto and NFT

These three topics, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT, you would probably not be hearing it for the first time, and you would probably not reading it for the first time on my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog. Prior to NFT becoming a hot topic in the most recent 1-2 years, I had already started learning about blockchain and crypto. I won’t be the first mover as you can see, I started off learning to know and understand more about those new fields of technology before entering the platform.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

The time has come for me to publish an official update that I am entering into the new technology fields – Blockchain, Crypto and NFT. This would be a short write up and sharing of the new technology platforms that I am entering into.


This is the first part that I learnt even though I heard about cryptocurrency before this blockchain technology. There are many articles written about blockchain, you can easily google those articles and find out more about those articles writing in depth about blockchain. I would try to summarise, describe blockchain and write it a short paragraph.

In a short summary, blockchain is a decentralised shared digital ledger that contains records known as blocks, that are used to record transactions and tracks your assets in a network. Once the information are recorded into the shared digital ledger, no one can change or tamper with that transaction.

With smart contract that can built into the blockchain, allowing it to operate under a set of conditions that can be automatically carried out when they are met, taking away trusted third party to act as an intermediary between entities. Using blockchain gives users the benefits of greater trust, greater security and more efficient.


Crypto, or cryptocurrency, what is it all about? It is a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography that is based on decentralised networks based on blockchain technology. There are different types of cryptocurrency available in the market, the first cryptocurrency was BitCoin that most people would know.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency. Personally I see potential in cryptocurrency, its future growth, developments and applications. Some people might be very bullish, while some are not in favour of cryptocurrency.


NFT a.k.a. Non-Fungible Token, they are tokens that represent ownership of items that are unique such as artworks, photographs, videos, audio etc. They are secured by the Ethereum blockchain network. Non-Fungible in short, means non-interchangeable, it’s unique and you can’t replace with other things due to the nature of their unique properties.

NFT could be used in the following sectors such as Digital Art, Collectibles, Music and many more. As a photographer, the world of NFT opens up a new field for us to showcase and sell our photography works.

I would address NFT from a photographer/digital artist perspective on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog without going too much into the technical and technology aspects. This is a work in progress, I am planning to curate my photography works for NFT for viewing on my TGH Photography portfolio website. As for which NFT platform would I be choosing/using, I would share in due course as I am still doing my research on the various NFT platforms.


With increased visibility and reliance on the internet and social media for our business and daily living, cybersecurity will also rise in importance and protecting our key personal and digital assets.   This topic had been on my website coverage starting some years back, with me entering into blockchain, crypto and NFT, cybersecurity needs to be even more of an ever presence.

Currently, I am receiving updates from a small group of technology firms that are into cybersecurity. Moving forward, I hope to build up more media relations and apply the cybersecurity setup into my crypto and my technological devices e.g. laptop, tablet and smartphone.

FX Trading

After I finish setting up my crypto trading, blockchain and NFT, along with my cybersecurity protection, I would proceed to revive my FX (forex) trading again. Since crypto trading and FX trading have investment trading fundamentals that can be applied to both sectors, I feel this would be the time to revive my FX trading.

Why I enter into Crypto, NFT and FX?

This global pandemic has taught us many lessons, severely disrupted and changed our way we live and work. A new hybrid future of work is upon us, how we run our business has also changed significantly.

Depending on one business or one source of revenue is not going to be sufficient in this modern economy whereby our knowledge and skills may not be enough if we do not adapt and change, up-skill, relearn and learn new knowledge and skills. The downfalls from this ongoing global pandemic further reinforce a need to diversify my revenue streams.

Running a photography business may not be enough, diversifying into NFT is part of my photography business plan to diversify. Entering into crypto and FX trading are part of this trio of Crypto, NFT and FX to be another source of revenue.

This trio of crypto, NFT and FX would be one of my other revenue sources that I am building up. More than just blockchain technology that is the foundation of cryptocurrency, the potential and capabilities of blockchain technology in other aspects of the business world are right up there for us to explore and expand.

Entering into blockchain, crypto, NFT and FX does not guarantee success and big revenue, there will be risks involved in a journey filled with lots of potential in my humble personal opinion. I would write and cover more on them down the road, from the technology and business aspects, such as in the areas of fin-tech, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This is probably a lengthy introduction, going in-depth into blockchain, crypto, NFT, cybersecurity can be even more lengthy, technical and at times might be complicated and confusing for some.  Combining my photography business and my coverage of technology, I would like to play a role in the NFT segment for photographers.

Although this ongoing global pandemic has disrupted our daily living and how we work, the massive disruptions in a good (also a forced acceleration) way to make us relook, change, adapt and adopt to take us into a new future of work, how we live and how we prepare ourselves in a constantly evolving world that we live in.

FINNEY – World’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency users/enthusiasts/ in Singapore alert! Introducing FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone! SIRIN LABS recently unveiled FINNEY in Singapore, exclusively at COURTS first Internet of Things themed store at Funan mall.

At the recent FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone launch event in Singapore. I got a first hand look, feel and experience of the FINNEY smartphone. If you are into blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, you have to visit COURTS Singapore at Funan mall and check out the FINNEY smartphone. While the world (and also Singapore) is slowly accepting and understanding more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, this particular segment is gradually getting more publicity and awareness. Personally for me, I am still learning more in-depth about blockchain technology and crypto assets, an area that I would like to enter soon when I gain and learn more knowledge and applications about these two fields.

If you are into blockchain and crypto assets, when you hear about cold storage crypto wallet, token conversion service and multi-layered cybersecurity suite, all these capabilities/functions are the things you would like to have. Look no further than the FINNEY smartphone, they have them inside their ultra-secure smartphone.

When I saw the FINNEY smartphone, this was a smartphone that I would be keen in, when I eventually start moving into crypto assets trading/investment and blockchain. The security measures in place on the FINNEY smartphone are ultra-secure, a crucial and important requirement by crypto assets and blockchain users. As I start to learn more about blockchain technology, its usage and applications, crypto assets and cybersecurity, I am planning to go into crypto assets trading, share more about my knowledge and experiences, my personal opinion is that the FINNEY smartphone would be the ideal (if not perfect) smartphone/gadget to accompany me.

Let me share with you more information and details on the FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure smartphone by SIRIN LABS:

“It is with great pleasure that we’re today unveiling to Singapore the first blockchain smartphone so cryptocurrency can be made more accessible to Singaporeans with the assurance of a seamless and secure crypto experience. With FINNEY, we address the two greatest barriers to adoption – lack of security and poor user experience – by delivering a product that gives consumers the confidence that their data is safe in the digital world, and a user-friendly interface that is fitting for both new and existing crypto enthusiasts,” said Moshe Hogeg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIRIN LABS.

Jasmine Seow, Merchandising Director of COURTS Singapore, said: “We are pleased to unveil the FINNEY smartphone in Singapore – a natural fit for COURTS Funan, our first IoT store offering the latest smart devices. Together with SIRIN LABS, we are breaking new ground on making pioneering technologies accessible to tech-forward Singaporeans. Crypto enthusiasts and curious consumers can learn how to easily transfer cryptocurrencies between FINNEY live demo units at COURTS Funan’s experiential space.”

Aimed at making cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses, FINNEY addresses the two greatest barriers to crypto adoption – lack of security and poor user experience – by enabling blockchain functionality within a mobile environment for easy and secure transactions.

Besides the buying, selling and storage of cryptocurrencies, Singaporeans can use FINNEY to pay for their meals using cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum and creatanium at the high-tech Kopitiam at Funan mall, called KOPItech. The Funan outlet serves as a pilot for the KOPItech system in rolling out cryptocurrency payment options to other Kopitiam outlets nationwide.

“The KOPItech payment system reaches out to a growing segment of highly tech-savvy customers who embrace new trends in technology that can help improve regular ways of life. For the first time, Singaporeans can purchase their meals using cryptocurrencies via the self-service kiosks, which will help reduce snaking queues during peak hours and help stallholders improve productivity. We are always looking at ways to make our food courts more efficient and consumer-friendly, and look forward to more devices such as FINNEY which can encourage greater use of cryptocurrencies at our Kopitiam outlets” said Vincent Cheong, Corporate Communications Manager of Kopitiam.

SIRIN LABS’ own operating system, SIRIN OS

SIRIN OS, a Google-certified modification of Android, is designed to overcome innate security challenges associated with the use and storage of cryptocurrency on mobile devices, and enables the unique functionality of FINNEY with a cold storage crypto wallet, cybersecurity suite, Token Conversion Service (TCS) and dCENTER app store.

Embedded cold-storage crypto wallet

A full separate hardware from the device hardware, the embedded cold storage wallet aims to protect users’ private keys for multiple blockchains, and to securely generate and sign off on blockchain transactions. The wallet is only connected to the Internet when initiated by the user, ensuring secure cold-storage of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-layered cybersecurity suite

SIRIN OS machine-learning based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a cybersecurity suite that protects FINNEY from the hardware to software level, and offers online and offline on-device cyber threat detection including protection from network attacks, host-based attacks and unsecure device definitions. FINNEY is also pre-loaded with secure email, messaging and call apps including ProtonMail and TrustCall which provide end-to-end encryption for secure communication.

Token Conversion Service (TCS)

A unique concierge-like service, TCS enables users to make crypto transactions for supported coins and tokens, without the hassle of exchanges. This creates a fast, simple and seamless crypto payment experience, while simultaneously providing a competitive exchange rate for users.

Earn incentives through games on the dCENTER

SIRIN OS dCENTER offers a marketplace for DApps (decentralized applications) as well as an incentivised learning center. The dCENTER’s Learn & Earn option is the first crypto and blockchain education platform that offers incentives for users to engage with blockchain apps. When users interact with blockchain games such as CryptoKitties, they can earn incentives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which means every FINNEY owner is entitled to receive value back on the phone. The dCenter, based on Web 3.0 protocol, offers: app and in-app purchasing, Air drop mechanism, DApp browser, and more.

FINNEY, the flagship device

Besides facilitating seamless and secure cryptocurrency transactions, FINNEY as a smartphone also delivers in design and functionality. Framed with high gloss metal and mirror-polished aluminium, FINNEY is built with 3D Gorilla Glass on both the posterior and anterior of the device. These are accompanied by the metallic signature Shield Element surrounding the camera, sensors and fingerprint scanner.

The unique sliding design of the Safe Screen is FINNEY’s strongest feature, and operates as a gateway to the crypto world by activating the cold storage wallet. Functioning on dedicated hardware and software, the Safe Screen allows users to independently verify that wallet transactions contain correct amounts, currencies and recipient addresses, thus reducing chances of fraudulent transactions.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at S$1,899, FINNEY is available exclusively at COURTS Funan and www.courts.com.sg from October 2019. Pre-orders are open at all COURTS stores island wide and online at http://bit.ly/courtsfinney, with an exclusive offer of $60 COURTS vouchers with every purchase until 30 September 2019.

For more information on SIRIN LABs 

Website – https://sirinlabs.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SIRINLABS

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/SirinLabs/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sirinlabs/ 

Medium – https://medium.com/@sirinlabs

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7rV8n9pEI761byufyT8VA

* Information and pictures courtesy of SIRIN LABS and GLOO PR *

Writing, Organising, Clearing, Inspiration

Writing, organising, clearing and inspiration, the topics for my article today. Readers here would probably observed that my technology topics/articles sharing had been a bit slow as compared to my usual style and writing, yes, that’s true, I had been bogged down by my IT technical troubles and issues with my hosting services. Although, I am finally playing catch up, there’s still work to be done and cleared!

Alright, let’s go into the topics below, read and find out what took place and what’s happening


Photo/travel blog

In January and February 2018, I visited Chiangmai, Thailand, with Team EpiphanyGoChiangMai. At the moment, I am still working as fast as I can, to publish the articles and photographs. The first article is out, visit my photo/travel blog and check it out!

Personal / technology blog

I have 3 gadgets, getting ready to write their review articles once I complete clearing my Chiangmai travel writing articles, they are the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, Logitech CRAFT and LG V30+ smartphone. Apologies to the brands and public relations agencies handling their accounts, I am trying my best to write and publish my review articles!

Researching on IoT, blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, these 4 topics are on top of my mind, I have received information and news on them, due to the amount of backlogged, I wasn’t able to read, “digest” and share the news as well as my views. I am still keen to share on the above topics that I mentioned since I am looking at cryptocurrency as a form of trading/investment in the near future.


Bookkeeping needs a vast improvement, I experienced my maiden bookkeeping work for my sole proprietorship photography business when I was preparing my filing of tax returns for YA2018, it was messy and I don’t have a workflow in this area. Lots of work and organising to be done here.

Notebook writing/taking notes

I have been sharing updates on my Instagram, on how I have been using, changing and updating my Travelers Factory Travelers Notebook. Moving forward ahead to apply my Travelers Notebook usage for my daily usage/other business matters/planning.


I have slowed down quite a fair bit, yet I have to restart my engine, continue clearing up the rest of the items at home, decluttering is a must, sometimes we have too many items and stuff in our life.


While I can’t reach that high level of minimalism that I read and saw in books and websites, I really like the state of Minimalism. Slowly making changes in my life, still some way to go! Do visit Minimalism Lifewebsite and check them out!


In my earlier updates and sharing on my websites, you would have read about my entry into the world of zine. They had a delayed kickstart due to my web hosting technical issues, finally I am going to start working on my zine after my backlogged travel and technology reviews are completed.

Current inspirations for zine that I am planning to work on

  • Zine for Retro Factory SG vintage and lifestyle flea market
  • Zine for Chiangmai travel
  • Zine for Hoi An , Da Nang (food and travel)

Last but not least

Alright, it’s the last few paragraphs! If you are still reading up till this paragraph, thank you for taking time to read, appreciate the support!

Current life mantra: Avoiding and isolating rude, critical, argumentative people, seeking a more peaceful life. There are just too many gurus, genius, keyboard warriors, who don’t seek to improve and learn new skills, knowledge.

Oh yes, I am sharing a secret about my photography on my personal/technology website/blog …






I am looking for a mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera (for a few years already)

Not everything going through my head, mind, heart and soul can be written down in one article, that’s all for today!