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Writing, Organising, Clearing, Inspiration - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Writing, organising, clearing and inspiration, the topics for my article today. Readers here would probably observed that my technology topics/articles sharing had been a bit slow as compared to my usual style and writing, yes, that’s true, I had been bogged down by my IT technical troubles and issues with my hosting services. Although, I am finally playing catch up, there’s still work to be done and cleared!

Alright, let’s go into the topics below, read and find out what took place and what’s happening


Photo/travel blog

In January and February 2018, I visited Chiangmai, Thailand, with Team EpiphanyGoChiangMai. At the moment, I am still working as fast as I can, to publish the articles and photographs. The first article is out, visit my photo/travel blog and check it out!

Personal / technology blog

I have 3 gadgets, getting ready to write their review articles once I complete clearing my Chiangmai travel writing articles, they are the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, Logitech CRAFT and LG V30+ smartphone. Apologies to the brands and public relations agencies handling their accounts, I am trying my best to write and publish my review articles!

Researching on IoT, blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, these 4 topics are on top of my mind, I have received information and news on them, due to the amount of backlogged, I wasn’t able to read, “digest” and share the news as well as my views. I am still keen to share on the above topics that I mentioned since I am looking at cryptocurrency as a form of trading/investment in the near future.


Bookkeeping needs a vast improvement, I experienced my maiden bookkeeping work for my sole proprietorship photography business when I was preparing my filing of tax returns for YA2018, it was messy and I don’t have a workflow in this area. Lots of work and organising to be done here.

Notebook writing/taking notes

I have been sharing updates on my Instagram, on how I have been using, changing and updating my Travelers Factory Travelers Notebook. Moving forward ahead to apply my Travelers Notebook usage for my daily usage/other business matters/planning.


I have slowed down quite a fair bit, yet I have to restart my engine, continue clearing up the rest of the items at home, decluttering is a must, sometimes we have too many items and stuff in our life.


While I can’t reach that high level of minimalism that I read and saw in books and websites, I really like the state of Minimalism. Slowly making changes in my life, still some way to go! Do visit Minimalism Lifewebsite and check them out!


In my earlier updates and sharing on my websites, you would have read about my entry into the world of zine. They had a delayed kickstart due to my web hosting technical issues, finally I am going to start working on my zine after my backlogged travel and technology reviews are completed.

Current inspirations for zine that I am planning to work on

  • Zine for Retro Factory SG vintage and lifestyle flea market
  • Zine for Chiangmai travel
  • Zine for Hoi An , Da Nang (food and travel)

Last but not least

Alright, it’s the last few paragraphs! If you are still reading up till this paragraph, thank you for taking time to read, appreciate the support!

Current life mantra: Avoiding and isolating rude, critical, argumentative people, seeking a more peaceful life. There are just too many gurus, genius, keyboard warriors, who don’t seek to improve and learn new skills, knowledge.

Oh yes, I am sharing a secret about my photography on my personal/technology website/blog …






I am looking for a mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera (for a few years already)

Not everything going through my head, mind, heart and soul can be written down in one article, that’s all for today!

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