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New XPS Desktop and Dell S-series Monitors for your next Creator Edition

The modern workforce and working environment is adapting, adopting, changing and moving towards a new work normal at the current juncture and into the very near future. A hybrid working environment might be/is the new normal, comprising a mix of working from home (WFH) and physical office environment. As most of us are moving towards this new work normal or had already moved to new work normal, having the right PC for your WFH is important and crucial. Introducing new XPS Desktop and Dell S-series Monitors for your next Creator Edition, for your WFH PC setup.

Having the right PC, complemented by the perfect monitor and accessories, can empower you to get your job and tasks completed that your job requires, as well the power to create, play and communicate without limits. With the recent introduction of Dell newest XPS notebooks, Dell has also brought in the same power and style to their new XPS Desktop. They are now added to Dell’s award-winning XPS family, just in time to combine their powers with the new Dell S-series monitors.

The New XPS Desktop – Designed with power and purpose

Redesigned from the ground up, the XPS Desktop returns as the most powerful XPS system ever built. Powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ (up to i9K) processors and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ graphics, it’s equipped with high-end performance features to fuel hardware intensive tasks, creative workflows, gaming and virtual reality.

The new XPS Desktop packs amazing performance into an even smaller form factor than previous generations (19L vs. 24L) and offers plenty of expandability options with a tool-less chassis, so you can continue to improve your PC over time. It includes up to a 500W power supply to support up to 225W graphics, four storage bays and three expansion slots – a solid base for future computing needs. Our engineers designed this system to maximise performance and airflow from the open architecture. Thermals are enhanced with voltage regulator cooling, strategic venting placement and high RPM fans to maintain adequate airflow.

Designed and validated for hobbyist content creators as part of NVIDIA’s RTX Studio program and backed by NVIDIA Studio drivers, the XPS Desktop delivers the performance and reliability you need to bring any at home creative project to life. To make the selection process easy, configurations labelled as “Creator Edition” have been carefully chosen for those who aspire to cultivate their digital content creation skills – whether that be in photography, graphic design, music production or beyond.

Taking cues from fan favourite design elements of the new XPS 13, XPS 15 and XPS 17, the XPS Desktop features a modern and minimalist design in Night Sky colour that fits perfectly into any home or office environment.

New S-series monitors to enhance your home entertainment experience

The new S-series monitors comes in a sleek and new design, in Platinum Silver. They are available in 27″ to 32″ sizes, with integrated speakers, 99% sRGB colour coverage and AMD FreeSync technology.

Enjoy sharp and immersive visuals with the Dell 32 Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS), which comes equipped with dual 5W speakers tuned for an enhanced audio-video experience. For those looking to elevate their creative experiences at home, the Dell 27 4K Monitor (S2721QS) and Dell 27 QHD Monitor (S2721DS) feature IPS technology for vibrant colours across any angle.

Comprehensive support for your Dell PC ecosystem

Providing the best entertainment or office set-up doesn’t stop at the hardware – here are the software, support and services that complete the Dell experience.

  • Dell Technologies offers 24×7 phone support, automated issues detection and onsite service after remote diagnosis. Learn more about Dell Premium Support and our additional services here.
  • With Dell Mobile Connect, you can seamlessly integrate your Dell PC with your smartphone. Both Android and iOS users can now make calls, send texts, fully mirror your phone screen to use your apps, get notifications and drag and drop files between your phone and Dell device. Dell Mobile Connect is available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.

Level up with the new G5 Gaming Desktop and XPS 15 in frost

In my earlier coverage on Dell G Series Products, the new G5 Gaming Desktop which is now available for purchase. Compact, easy to expand or upgrade with tool-less entry, the G5 makes it easier to game in a smaller space like a bedroom or office. This gaming-first PC was designed for gamers of all levels and offers strong performance and smoother gameplay with Intel’s new 10th Gen Core CPUs. You can enjoy stunning 1080p gaming with lightning quick responsiveness through VR-capable NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX/RTX or AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 graphics cards.

For fans of the XPS series, the new XPS 15 will offer an additional colour variant – frost machined aluminium with arctic white woven glass palm rest (pictured above) across select configurations, available this summer.

Pricing and Availability


Availability in Singapore

Starting Price (SGD)

XPS Desktop

Available now


Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Available now


XPS 15 Laptop

11 August 


Dell 32 Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS)

20 August


Dell 27 4K Monitor (S2721QS)

20 August


Dell 27 QHD Monitor (S2721DS)

20 August


Do share this new XPS Desktop and Dell S-series monitors for your new WFH creator edition with your loved ones, family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Pass It On and Pay It Forward! Sharing is caring!

* Information courtesy of Dell Singapore and burson cohn & wolfe *

Happy 55th Birthday Singapore!

Singapore celebrated her 55th Birthday on 9th August 2020! First and foremost, wishing Happy 55th Birthday Singapore! This year’s National Day celebrations felt very different from previous years due to the global pandemic Covid-19 situation. Not only was it scaled down in size and participation numbers, it had also took on another new meaning, direction, growth and maturity of us as a young nation Singapore.

This year 2020, a year that most of us, if not all of us in this world would want to reset and start over again, or to finish this year and start a new year without this global pandemic situation. This unprecedented year has also given us life long lessons from a generational crisis, on how we live and work, our society, country and planet Earth.


As we celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday, this is a time to be grateful and let’s count our blessings in a period of this ongoing crisis around the world. Although Singapore has grown and transformed phenomenally during this 55 years period, this global pandemic Covid-19 has given us (and the rest of the world as well) the crisis test of a generation.

We are still battling against this global pandemic, our livelihood has been severely affected, work is no longer like before and the future workforce is adopting, changing and adapting to a new normal hybrid work environment. Looking back over the past few months, from circuit breaker to post circuit breaker, measures that were put in place, the amount of inconveniences, not to mention additional stress and pressure on our mental well-being.

Singapore managed to preserve and continue living, adopting, changing and adapting to a new normal of living, longing for a return to pre Covid-19 days (although that is probably not possible with a new normal in a new era). We had our ups and downs, we had our divisions among the society. Now is the time to unite together as one united nation to continue fighting this global pandemic and the economic downturn.

This year’s NDP was brought into the heartlands of Singapore, to our Homes, it had been scaled down in lieu of the global pandemic situation, yet this was also a time to show unity, solidarity, help and support one another and last but not least, a salute to frontline workers and essential workers.

For more photographs of NDP 2020 that came into our heartlands and homes on 9th August 2020, visit my photography and travel portal/blog NDP 2020 article!

Once again, Happy 55th Birthday Singapore! Let us all be #SGUnited with #OurHeartForSG for a #TogetherStrongerSG as we are still navigating our way out of this turbulent situation arising from this global pandemic Covid-19 situation along with an economic downturn with our Majulah Sprit, strength and determination.

Epson Singapore Opens Official Flagship Store on Shopee

Epson Singapore recently announced the official opening of their flagship on Shopee, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. They are expanding their digital presence to cater to changes in consumer shopping habits of today’s new environment, after making inroads into e-commerce with its flagship Lazada store that was launched in 2018.

The global pandemic COVID-19 has caused massive impacts to the world economy and daily living, resulting in changes to our work place, our living and consumer behaviour. The changes are rapid and significant, many of us are now in a new hybrid work environment, a shift to remote and working from home (WFH). With all these changes, this led to an increase in traffic to online shopping channels.

Recent data have further highlighted that 37 per cent of Singaporean consumers have increased online shopping activities as a result of staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. The same data also revealed that over 76 per cent of those surveyed intend to continue this trend even after the global health crisis stabilises (1).

In addition, Epson Singapore saw an increase in online sales of 16.4 per cent in Q1 2020 compared to the previous year – confirming the need to expand its online footprint and offerings, according to a GfK report done in Q1 2020. The global technology giant also reported an increase in total online printer brand share by 4 per cent between the first quarter of 2019 and 2020 (2), indicating that consumers have seen value in Epson’s product offerings in their remote working endeavours to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Ms. Tan May Lin, Director – Sales, Marketing and Customer Service of Epson Sales division, Epson Singapore said, “We’re delighted to further grow Epson Singapore’s online presence with our expansion into Shopee. While brick-and-mortar stores continue to be important to our customers, shifts in consumer behaviour are driving further demand for an omni-channel digital presence. As a customer-centric brand, we want to be where our customers are, and we believe that with the Shopee flagship store, Epson will continue to grow our brand presence, improve the consumer experience for our customers, while also making good on our commitment to sustainable business operations.”

To celebrate Epson’s official store launch on Shopee, exclusive promotions with up to $100 in NTUC E-Vouchers, as well as free gifts will be available from 1 Aug to 16 Aug  2020. Visit the official Epson store on Shopee to find out more: https://shopee.sg/epsonofficialsg

In one of my earlier articles, I shared about transition to hybrid work environments with Epson, featuring their new ink tank printers L15150 and L14150. You can now get it from Epson Official Store Singapore on Shopee!


If you are planning to purchase printers, projectors, scanners or label printers for your home or office, visit Epson Official Store Singapore on Shopee.

* Information and picture courtesy of Epson Singapore and LEWIS Communications *



(2) GFK, Q1 2020: Inkjet & Laser Printing report

Hybrid New Normal of Work in Asia-Pacific forecasted by Microsoft

Year 2020, an uneventful year marked by the global pandemic COVID-19, causing massive economic impacts and disruptions to our world economy, work and daily living. As the world is battling against Covid-19 and while we are still waiting for a vaccine, our daily lives and workflow has changed and evolved into a new normal, defining a hybrid new normal of work in Asia-Pacific forecasted by Microsoft with research from TechRepublic Premium.

Through their qualitative research study, they have a white paper titled, “Transitioning Asia-Pacific to a New Normal of Work”. Business and thought leaders across various industries, from banking, healthcare, education, telecommunications, research, and professional consultancies, share their insights and views on how organisation cultures in Asia-Pacific are changing and evolving a new paradigm of work, arising from this global pandemic situation.

“As different parts of the world were hit by COVID-19, life and work were changed overnight for everyone,” said Kady Dundas, Head of Marketing, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp. “All of a sudden we’ve gone from working in conference rooms to working in living rooms, and when you do that you have a high dependence on video. We know that we have about 200 million meeting participants each day, which equates to 4.1 billion minutes of meetings[1]. Those data points show the tremendous movement to remote work.”

Technology: The Enabler

Technology overall, while it has been growing and expanding in terms of growth and development over the past decade, this global pandemic probably gave an exponential push further out to people, enabling them to change, adapt and adopt technology even faster.

Microsoft found that while organisations have prioritised technology adoption to enable remote working environments and overall business transformation, the change was not driven through technology alone.

“The technology side has been relatively straightforward,” said Dr Joseph Sweeney, IBRS Advisor and Future of Work Expert. “When COVID-19 came and everyone had to start working from home, Microsoft Teams was an obvious and natural tool to push out. It was already there, and the environment is familiar to anyone using Microsoft Office 365. It skyrocketed.”

There was also a need to force a mindset change among the individuals inside the organisations, encouraging them to reflect and rethink of their current way of working, how individuals, teams and management interact with one another and the changes needed to adjust to the new normal of work during this global pandemic situation and beyond, as well as focusing on the emotional impact of such changes.

“Often the reluctance to allow remote work has to do with a quite outdated concept of how managers need to manage – for instance, you need to be able to ‘see’ people to police that they are doing what they are meant to,” said Sarah Kaine, Associate Professor, Management Discipline Group and Core Member, CBSI – Centre for Business and Social Innovation, University of Technology, Sydney.

Emerging Trends in the New Normal of Work

While organisations are planning, changing, adopting and adapting to the hybrid new normal of work, they need to be aware of some of the emerging trends:

  1. The risk of burnout – Organizations need to be mindful of the new perception of availability. According to IBRS Advisor and Future of Work Expert, Joe Sweeney, one common response amongst people in their jobs is to “work harder and not switch off.” Those who have started working from home are fielding calls from their bosses late into the evening, underlining the need to re-draw boundaries for out-of-hours contact.
  2. Career progression concerns – Organizations will need to reassess how performance is measured. Collaboration tools can measure activity but not the value that an individual has brought to the organization. Organizations are now finding that it is the “introverts” that are delivering while working from home, while the “star player” extroverts are no longer the center of attention.
  3. The need for flexibility and empathy – Research finds that nearly half (47 per cent) of people working from home reported managing at-home distractions as a challenge (2). Organizations as well as managers and teammates should do their part to not only help employees create a distraction-free environment but also be more flexible in the delivery of work and empathize with people’s challenges of working from home. 1 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Investor/earnings/FY-2020-Q3/press-release-webcast
  4. Tech training and preparedness – As technology becomes a growing staple for employees, training will need to go hand-in-hand to unlock the full potential of hardware and software. “There have been  people who were resistant to change – it was usually the seniors, because they never needed to learn how to use technology. They always had IT support in the room when they needed it,” said Dr. Nitin Paranjape, CEO and Founder, MacOffice Services Private Limited based in India.
  5. Incorporating a social element – Organizations need to intentionally focus on policy and company culture rather than raw technology. The Microsoft Work Trend Index (3) released in April 2020 reflected this ongoing quest for human interaction – the number of people turning on video in Microsoft Teams meetings had doubled from before working from home became mainstream. Beyond enabling video conferencing, organizations need to find ways to encourage innovation, creative flow of ideas, and camaraderie that makes an employee feel that they are a valued part of an organization.

The Future of Work is Now and Hybrid

At Microsoft’s FY20 Q4 Earnings call (4) which reported a 6 percent revenue increase in Productivity and Business Processes this fiscal year, Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft shared, “The last five months have made it clear that tech intensity is the key to business resilience. Organizations that build their own digital capability will recover faster and emerge from this crisis stronger.”

Thanks to (and No Thanks as well) this global pandemic Covid-19, it had accelerated the transition to new ways of working and honed the focus on innovation across the region. However, social and cultural environments also have a considerable impact on how organisations approach the new normal of work.

The hybrid approach in the future of work reflects how the lines of work and personal life are blurring. Microsoft’s second Work Trend Index (5) found that beyond the typical 9am-5pm work day, Microsoft Teams chats outside of the typical workday (from 8-9 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.) have increased more than any other time during the day, between 15% and 23%. Weekend work is spiking as well – Teams chats on and Saturday and Sunday have increased over 200%.

To cultivate the future workplace, organizations would need to accelerate the process of developing policies enabling individuals to break away from the standard 9 to 5 hours, setting reasonable expectations around availability and relooking performance indicators.

Business leaders must refresh their focus on policies that enable the upkeep of robust security strategies and effective collaboration. As lockdowns continue to ease across the region, the next step will be a renewed focus on policy during this hybrid new normal of work.

What does the new normal of work looks like for you in the very near future?

With thanks and no thanks to this global pandemic Covid-19, how we work is going to change (and started changing when the global pandemic strikes us), we are not going back to pre Covid-19 working style and days.

While the debate is still ongoing on how the future of work is going to turn out, it’s not rosy and clear cut for working professionals. Some find WFH easier and better, some struggle with it. I agree with the findings, a hybrid new normal of work is upon us, a mix of office and WFH, what could be the percentage breakdown? That would be something worth exploring, how different industries adapt, change and adopt in a new post Covid-19 working environment.

How has your industry, your company or your business changed during this global pandemic situation? How’s your current WFH situation and what would be your new normal of work be like?

How would my hybrid new normal of work looks like?

As a small sole proprietorship business owner myself, my messy WFH table (in the photo that you saw earlier) is going to be my hybrid new normal of work, probably adding more gadgets and devices to my messy work desk.

While my experiences may not be the same as compared to others, I am definitely able to relate with this hybrid new normal of work because I am working, communicating and liaising with clients, agencies, partners, associates etc … who are most likely WFH in their hybrid new normal work routine.

For more information on Microsoft forecasts a hybrid new normal of work in Asia Pacific, here is the article link: https://news.microsoft.com/apac/2020/07/29/microsoft-forecasts-a-hybrid-new-normal-of-work-in-asia-pacific/

* Information courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *


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