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World’s First Force-Pad Gaming Keyboard by WRAEK

Gaming on your desktop PC or laptop, deep into your favourite game using your keyboard and gaming mouse. Have you ever thought of having an extra hand to help you in your gaming time? For gamers and eSports players, now you can, with the world’s first force-pad gaming keyboard by WRAEK.

Who is WRAEK? They are a homegrown (Singapore) start-up, founded by Ryan Siah (24), Chik Cheng Jie (26) and Chen Pinzhang (26). These three friends met at the National University of Singapore (NUS) entrepreneurship society. They love gaming, bonded through their love for gaming, giving rise to their start-up WRAEK.

They are now on the verge of a technology breakthrough as WRAEK announced its first two products – the WRAEK Tactonic Keyboard (USD$149) and the WRAEK Tactonic Pad (USD$119).

WRAEK Tactonic Keyboard and the WRAEK Tactonic Pad

The two gaming devices can work individually and they can also be combined together via magnets to function as one. Gamers and eSports players, you can get them together in the WRAEK Tactonic Pro Bundle – consisting of the keyboard and the force-pad controller costs USD$259 on Kickstarter with a 35% discount (Kickstarter price is USD$169 after the 35% discount).

What makes the WRAEK Tactonic Pad special and unique? It’s the technology breakthrough behind them. The Tactonic Pad works like a joystick for the palm. Instead of having fingers resting on the W, A, S and D movement keys, the force-pad maps directional force of the palm for users to execute character movements. Akin to the simplified movements of a joystick, the force-pad is maneuvered through the gentle pushes of the palm.

WRAEK built this force-pad controller from the ground up, at its own office and has a patent pending for its innovation. This is the world’s first palm-controller of its kind. WRAEK has already raised $300,000 since its humble beginnings – with the funds coming from an angel investor, government funding, friends, and family.

The Tactonic Pad offers a competitive advantage for gamers, especially in three genres – MOBA, MMORPG and shooter. The advantage in MMORPGs like World Of Warcraft and in shooters such as Valorant and Overwatch is obvious – the force-pad frees the fingers from the movement keys on the keyboard, eliminating the constant need to switch between keys.

In MOBAS such as League of Legends and DOTA, the force-pad can be used for camera panning instead of moving the mouse to the edges of the screen. This allows efficient mouse movement and higher cursor control.

Personal Thoughts and Short Hands On Experience

I had a short hands on session with the WRAEK Tactonic Keyboard and the WRAEK Tactonic Pad during their media event. Me, the old and former gamer, was brought back into the gaming world. For a rusty old hand like myself, I was able to get the hang of using the WRAEK Tactonic Pad after some warm up and tips on how to use the Tactonic Pad.

This Tactonic Pad gaming accessory device is no longer “literally” a third helping hand, it’s going to be your actual/real third helping hand, without borrowing extra props to plant on yourself. Personally, I foresee not just great potential, I reckon it can be a game changer for the gaming and esports world, ushering in a new era of gaming and esports.

I can imagine how much thrill, fun and excitement the gamers and esports players can have when they configure their own gaming settings and preferences on the Tactonic Pad and Tactonic Keyboard.

Keep a lookout for more exciting gaming developments from WRAEK in the near future!

Where can I get the WRAEK Tactonic Keyboard and the WRAEK Tactonic Pad?

Gamers and eSports players, if you are keen to get your hands on the world’s first force-pad gaming keyboard by WRAEK and embark on a new era of gaming, the WRAEK Tactonic Keyboard and the WRAEK Tactonic Pad, you can pre-oder it on Kickstarter!

Follow WRAEK on their social media for more updates!

Website: https://www.wraek.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wraekgaming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRAEKGaming

YouTube: WRAEK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wraekgaming/

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wraek

* Information courtesy of WRAEK and GLOO *

NYC partners Redd+E on engaging Youth through esports

Youths who are into gaming and esports in Singapore, there is a series of community esports being organised to engage young players based in Singapore. The National Youth Council (NYC) has recently forged a partnership with Redd+E, the esports arm of Reddentes Sports, on engaging youth through esports.

Through this series of community esports tournaments, youths in Singapore are in for a treat, the Stay Home Challenge Breaker series will feature the three game titles, FIFA20, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. These tournaments will be streamed “live” on Cr8 Studio SG Facebook Page.

“While Singapore gears towards the post-circuit breaker measures to resume activities safely, we should not let our guard down and there is also a need to continue engaging our youth purposefully. The Stay Home Challenge Breaker will give our young community players an opportunity to hone their skills and stand a chance to play against some of our local esports influencers or celebrities,” said Mr Yip Ren Kai, Managing Director of Redd+E.

“Esports’ ever-growing popularity among youth has made it an inevitable part of youth engagement today. Through the Stay Home Challenge Breaker, we hope to gather like-minded youth digitally and encourage them to continue to stay home, avoid crowds and socialise online as far as possible,” said Mr Christopher Pragasam, Assistant Chief Executive of NYC.

“More importantly, we want to remind youth the right values and behaviours, and to mitigate any negative aspects of this popular youth interest such as cyber-bullying and gaming addiction,” Mr Pragasam added.

The Stay Home Challenge Breaker tournament is scheduled to take place from:

  • 28th May to 30th May – FIFA 20
  • 6th June to 7th June – Legends of Runeterra
  • 13th June to 14th June – Valorant
  • 23rd July to 26th July – Valorant / League of Legends

For more information and signup details on the Stay Home Challenge Breaker tournament, visit Reddentes Sports FB page.

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* Information courtesy of National Youth Council Singapore and Burson Cohn & Wolfe *