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LG Smart Home Appliances 2019

Home appliances are essential equipment for our homes, from storage of food, cleaning appliances, washing machine and storage facilities. They used to be just another home electronics/appliances, today, home appliances have changed and improved, they have also adopted new age information technology into their setup, transforming into smart home appliances. LG has a good range of smart home appliances inside their lineup, let me share with you more on LG Smart Home Appliances.

Today, you can have a smart home, connected and “talking” with your home appliances, with the aid of LG Smart ThinQ and Google Assistant, using a LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 with Google Assistant Built-in as your main hub to respond to your voice commands and controlling the connected LG Smart Home Appliances.

Users will be able to enjoy hands-free convenience, prompting appliances that are paired on the LG Smart ThinQ app to perform tasks, or check on its status through a simple voice command. To check on the LG Styler’s progress while prepping for a dinner appointment, simply say, “Hey Google, how much time is left on the Styler” and it will respond with the duration left on its current cycle. When rushing to host a gathering, get the ice in the freezer to freeze quickly for the beverages later by saying “Hey Google, turn on the express freeze in the refrigerator” and it will automatically do so, without the user having to manually change the settings.

Let me introduce the LG Smart Home Appliances 2019 lineup below:

“By offering more connectivity in our home appliances on top of impressive features, LG continues to bring greater convenience to homeowners,” said says Ethan Kim, Home Appliances Product Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “Now, every family can embrace and experience the concept of smart living.

LG Slim French Door and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Our homes in Singapore aren’t exactly the biggest and most spacious in terms of floor size. Therefore, not all the homes can have the luxury and choice of having bigger sized refrigerators for their homes. Don’t worry, LG Slim French Door and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators are the ideal solutions for the modern homes. The LG Slim French Door refrigerators (models GF-Q4919MT & GF-B4539PZ) are just 835 millimetres wide, slimmer than other conventional LG French Door refrigerators at 912 millimetres.

Key points on the LG Slim French Door refrigerators (models GF-Q4919MT & GF-B4539PZ)

  • New flat-back interior to free up more space for food storage
  • Pocket Handle design that adds to their overall seamless look and feel
  • Equipped with NatureFRESH™, a combination of Linear Cooling™ and DoorCooling+™. Linear Cooling™ is powered by LG’s proprietary Inverter Linear Compressor
  • New DoorCooling+ air vent is located at the top of the fridge interior, and cools 19.7 percent faster[1] than a conventional cooling system[1] Based on UL test results using LG’s internal testing method comparing the time needed for temperature of the top door basket to drop from 32 to 7 degree Celcius between LGE’s Non-DoorCooling+™ model (GF-L613PL) and Doorcooling+™ model (GF-L570PL).
  • LG GB-B4059MT Bottom Freezer is also the only LG refrigerator model to achieve a 4-tick rating for outstanding energy performance standards

Photos courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore

LG Top Load with TurboWash 3D™

A washing machine is an essential home appliance for the modern home and living today, with our hectic and busy working and living lifestyle. The TH2113SSAK model features a 13kg capacity in a compact body due to LG’s unique tub design with stabilisation technology. For large families, the new top load lineup also offers 16 and 17kg capacities (model TH2516SSAV and TH2517SSAK).

The new LG Top Load washing machines feature a new TurboWash 3D™ technology, which harnesses the combined strengths of TurboShot™ (WaveForce™ and JetSpray) and TurboDrum™ for a thorough wash.

  • WaveForce™ sends powerful vertical streams of water from the top
  • JetSpray shoots high-pressured water out from the nozzle to penetrate deep into these fabrics for enhanced rinsing performance
  • TurboDrum™, which spins the tub and pulsator in the same or opposite directions
  • TurboWash 3D™ improves washing efficiency

LG Styler in a Mirrored Finish 

The modern smart, sleek and nice looking cupboard, the LG Styler is equipped with TrueSteam™ technology, the Styler utilises steam, coupled with a Moving Hanger which slides side to side, to reduce wrinkles and remove odours on fabrics. LG Styler is now available in a Mirrored Finish, home owners can have a good look at themselves in their outfits before wearing them and heading out.

LG HOM-BOT with Slide-in Mop

This nice and compact cleaning machine would be a great addition to the household, helping to clean locations inside the home that are harder to reach, , the new LG HOM-BOT (model VR66900TWA) features a slide-in mop for a 2-in-1 cleaning solution.

The Wi-Fi enabled HOM-BOT sucks up dust particles with two extended side brushes and a main Anti Tangle Brush, finishing off the cleaning with a slide-in mop at the back that draws water from a detachable water tank supply system.

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* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *