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New Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is one of the technological devices available in the market today that represents the future generation of personal computing in both professional and leisure segments. They are popular and other brands in the market have design peripheral devices to complement the Apple iPad Pro.

Logitech announced the new Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro that users can consider to add on to their iPad Pro, turning into a personal computer on the move.

Let me share with you more information and pictures on the new Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro from the press release information:

“In the past, you were bound to a workspace with a PC, and used your tablet for quick messages or entertainment when you weren’t in the office; that’s not the case anymore,” said Moninder Jain, head of Video Collaboration for Logitech Asia Pacific and managing director for ASEAN. “To be a pro today, you need the power of the PC, but more easily available whether you’re on a train, at the park, in a meeting or wherever you need to be. The Slim Combo unleashes the power of iPad Pro to bring you the future of personal computing; a future that’s easier, faster and more fun.”

Key Features
Four versatile modes: The Slim Combo provides versatility through its four use modes — Typing, Viewing, FaceTime and Reading. You can comfortably shoot off an email using the full-size keyboard, pop off the detachable keyboard to sketch out an idea with your Apple Pencil, switch to portrait and take an incoming video call or just sit back and get lost in an e-book without distractions.

Laptop-like typing: Full-size backlit keys, smart iOS shortcuts provide the most laptop-like typing experience on the iPad Pro. Punch out emails – or an entire novel – on a backlit keyboard with carefully-crafted well-spaced and full-size concave keys. Three levels of adjustable backlighting keep you productive even in low light. And when you don’t need to type, simply detach the keyboard and enjoy the beautiful iPad Pro screen with nothing standing in the way. This is the future of personal computing.

Connect like a Pro: Batteries aren’t included, because you’ll never need them. Slim Combo connects to iPad Pro through the Smart Connector, meaning you will never have to pair or charge your keyboard again. Just click in and type away.

Pro-styled perfection: The Slim Combo provides 360 degrees of protection in an incredibly slim keyboard and case combo. The case is built to provide the right angle for every situation – and it’s not always 90 degrees. Two micro hinges ensure that Slim Combo smoothly reclines within a 50-degree range and stays in place once you’ve found the perfect viewing angle.

A home for Apple Pencil: The Apple Pencil brings a whole new creative experience to your iPad Pro, and the Slim Combo has an Apple Pencil holder to makes sure it’s always by your side. Slide your Apple Pencil into the holder– where it won’t get lost, or in the way.

Product Specifications

Product dimensions for 10.5-inch iPad Pro:

  • Height: 258 mm
  • Width: 184 mm
  • Depth: 27 mm
  • Weight: 528g

Product dimensions for 12.9-inch iPad Pro:

  • Height: 310.5 mm
  • Width: 230 mm
  • Depth: 26 mm
  • Weight: 640g


  • 1-year limited hardware warranty

Pricing and Availability


  • SGD$219 for 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • SGD$249 for 12.9-inch iPad Pro


  • October 2017
  • Available at www.logitech.com
  • Colour: Blue

* Information and pictures courtesy of Logitech and SPRG *

New Logitech Slim Folio for iPad

Logitech recently launched their latest keyboard case for the fifth generation iPad. For owners of the the fifth generation iPad, this would definitely interest you! If I do own an iPad in the future, I am going to get the keyboard case from Logitech!

Let me share more details of this fifth generation iPad:

“The fifth-generation iPad is Apple’s most affordable iPad to date, but there’s still a learning curve typing on the new device if you’re used to a laptop or desktop keyboard,”   said Moninder Jain, Managing Director, ASEAN and Vice-President for Logitech. “With four years of battery life, a lightweight design, and overall great typing experience, the Logitech SLIM FOLIO can help take your mobile computing to a new level, allowing you to enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere.”

Key Features 
  • Laptop-like layout with iOS shortcuts: The Logitech SLIM FOLIO gives you comfortable and fast typing. The keys are large, well-spaced and stretched from edge-to-edge, so your hands won’t feel crowded. And, a full row of iOS shortcut keys put iPad control at your fingertip.
  • Flexible stand with magnetic lock: Lock your iPad in the perfect typing position, and type or browse on any surface, from your desk to your lap.
  • Slim and light protection: The folio is slim and light, and provides everyday protection in a streamlined design that doesn’t add extra bulk.
  • Four-year battery life: Thanks to a smart power management system and low-energy Bluetooth connection, the replaceable coin cell batteries last up to 4 years*.
  • Easy setup, reliable connection: Advanced Bluetooth Smart Technology provides a reliable energy-efficient connection that won’t drop.. Set up your connection one time and the Logitech SLIM FOLIO automatically connects every time you the iPad is in typing position.


The Logitech SLIM FOLIO is available for pre-order today at Logitech.com for a suggested retail price of $139.00, and will be available at retailers globally in June. For more information, please visit Logitech.com, our blog or connect with us on Facebook.

* Information and picture courtesy of Logitech and SPRG *

Logitech Introduces CREATE for iPad Pro 9.7

Logitech has produced a wide range of excellent accessories and peripherals for different electronic gadgets and devices. For those who own an Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and you are planning to look for a keyboard case with a dual purpose, Logitech recently introduced their new backlit keyboard case CREATE for your iPad Pro 9.7.

I personally owned a keyboard case from Logitech for my iPad (not iPad Pro though) previously before I sold it away. It’s pretty good and I really like it to have a keyboard and a case to protect my iPad. I currently own an iPad Air 1st Gen, I am considering to look for a keyboard case for my iPad Air 1st Gen.

Let me share with you more information on the Logitech CREATE for iPad Pro 9.7 from the press release information below –

Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) announced the CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector for the 9.7inch iPad Pro™. The CREATE Keyboard Case is a toolkit that gives you everything you need to make the most of your iPad Pro? a protective case, backlit keyboard, and integrated holder for the Apple pencil all in one lightweight package. Whether you are posting an update, watching a video, or drawing a sketch, CREATE empowers you to unleash your creativity and productivity wherever you go.

“CREATE is like the Swiss Army Knife of keyboard cases,” said Michele Hermann, vice president of tablet accessories at Logitech. “It puts all the tools you need at your fingertips, and the keyboard charges through the Smart Connector so you can just set your iPad Pro into a typing position and go. It brings typing on the iPad Pro to a whole new level.”


Designed to work exclusively with Apple’s new Smart Connector, the CREATE Keyboard Case automatically powers on and pairs with your iPad Pro when placed in the typing position – no Bluetooth® pairing needed. And because the backlit keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, you never have to think about charging your keyboard again.

A special row of dedicated iOS shortcuts puts the commands at your fingertips, without ever taking them off the keyboard. You can get to the home screen, search your iPad and the web, adjust brightness, and control audio or video playback with one tap. And an integrated holder keeps your Apple Pencil within easy reach at all times so it is there when you need it.

With careful attention to color, materials and finish, the CREATE Keyboard Case design gives you all around protection in a beautiful form. Custom sculpted curves provide structural integrity to help protect your iPad Pro on the inside, while on the outside the tightly woven premium fabric resists bumps, scratches and spills.


The CREATE Keyboard Case for the 9.7inch iPad Pro is available from Logitech and Apple for a suggested retail price of $ 219.00 . For more information, please visit Logitech , our blog or connect with us on Facebook .

Key Features

  • Apple Smart Connector : The CREATE Keyboard Case is designed to work exclusively with the Smart Connector so it automatically powers on and pairs with the iPad Pro when placed in the typing position – no Bluetooth® pairing needed. And because the keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, you never have to think about charging your keyboard again.
  • Full featured keyboard : Tablet typing never felt so good. The well spaced 19 mm keys and familiar layout make typing fast, comfortable, and efficient. Backlit keys with adjustable lighting intensity ensure you can work any time of the day or night. With a special row of dedicated shortcut buttons, CREATE puts the power of iOS at your fingertips. Get to the home screen, search your iPad Pro and the web, adjust brightness, and control audio or video playback with the push of a button.
  • Integrated pencil holder : The integrated pencil holder helps keep your Apple Pencil in easy reach at all times so it’s there when you want it.
  • All around protection : Custom sculpted curves provide structural integrity to protect your iPad Pro on the inside. On the outside, tightly woven premium fabric resists bumps, scratches and spills. Careful attention to color and finish means your keyboard case is beautiful and protective.

System Requirements

  • iPad Pro 9.7

Product Specifications

  •  Dimensions (L x W x H): 248.2mm x 178.45mm x 22.89mm
  • Weight: 277g
  • MFi Certified: Passes rigorous testing with Apple to work perfectly with the iPad Pro


  • 1year limited hardware warranty in U.S. and Asia
  • 2year limited hardware warranty in EMEA and Japan

* Information and picture courtesy of Logitech Singapore and SPRG *