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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2018!

Today is the 5th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2018, the year of the Dog has begun! I am a bit late here, yet I would like to wish everyone of you reading this, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 has been quiet for me, I am unable to celebrate this festive season (in my second year, for those who knew the history/story behind it), thus it has been very low key and quiet, just small and quiet family/relative gatherings.

I am already back to work on the 4th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2018, since I run a small business on my own, there are a number of things to do, follow up and plan for the weeks ahead. Things had been slow due to technical issues on my photography and travel website/blog (yet to be resolved at this point in time when this article is written and published). On the other hand, I am planning to get back my rhythm in technology/business/finance articles sharing and writing here on my personal/technology website/blog! Stay tuned for my articles and updates!

Finally, wishing everyone of you good luck and all the best in the year of the Dog, with a River Hongbao 2018 fireworks photo!