MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017

Lifelong learning is a personal philosophy and mantra that I adopt, advocate and share whenever I am able to. Regardless of the qualifications that I have, the amount of life and professional experiences that I currently possess, I always tell and remind myself that I do not know everything in the world, there is always something to learn, a new skill/knowledge and/or upgrading my current skills/knowledge.

Most recently, I was kindly invited to a seminar, MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017 organised by Management Development and Consultancy (MDC), the corporate training arm of Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). The title of the seminar was “From the Present to the Future: Getting Ready for Digital Transformation”, the speakers were highly experienced professionals in their field of their respective specialisation expertise. One of my friends Walter was one of the speakers for the MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017 and it was great to catch up with him during the event!

The speakers and their topics were as follow:

Andrew Chow (Speaker and Facilitator)

Digital Marketing Strategy Overview for 2018

Search Marketing – How to be seen and searched at the right places

Social Media Marketing – Rediscover the Lost Art of being Social in Marketing

Walter Lim (Speaker)

Content Markting: Choosing the Right Content and Channels

Nick Tan (Speaker)

How to use Virtual Reality Solutions to create immersive marketing experiences?

Alvin Lim (Speaker)

How to use blogging as an effective marketing tool

Xi Wei (Speaker)

Gamification – Don’t be a noob: Raising your game in the digital world

After the introduction, welcome and opening address by June Lim, Assistant Director of MDC, Andrew took over, he had dual roles of both a speaker and facilitaor for the MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017. Andrew’s experience in conducting seminars can be seen when he employed an ice breaker game for participants to mingle around, meet, introduce and chat with different people.

Thereafter, the seminar started with tea and lunch breaks in between the entire Digital Marketing Day seminar. I have been hands-on inside the digital marketing / social media / blogging fields since April 2006, I have personally seen the huge changes in internet marketing, SEO, digital marketing and social media over the past decade. Although I am being “trained On-The-Job”, the topics shared by the various speakers were always a good refresher for me and there is always something new to learn because I don’t know every thing/knowledge/skills in life. It is always good to keep myself updated, upgraded and learn new knowledge and skills in life, on both personal and professional level.

Some topics such as “Rediscover the Lost Art of being Social in Marketing” by Andrew and “How to use Virtual Reality Solutions to create immersive marketing experiences?” by Nick, got me thinking ahead for the future, how I am able to make the changes, adapt and adopt new technology, as well as rediscovering myself in the commercial world of digital media marketing / social media marketing.

At the end of the MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017, it had been a fruitful and eventful learning day, networking , learning, upgrading and a refresher for me too. Do keep a look out for the various types of programmes and courses by MDC, highly suitable for working professionals to upgrade and learn new skills/knowledge.

I would like to thank MDC for the invitation to their MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017!

* Pictures courtesy of MDC *

Singapore Science Festival 2013

The Singapore Science Festival 2013 kicks off on 19th July 2013 at Marina Square with the launch of X-periment! by Guest-of-Honour Mr Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). This year’s Festival, running from July 19 to August 4, is co-sponsored by A*STAR and Science Centre Singapore, with marketing partner Cityneon and will bring together close to 70 exciting events, activities, and exhibitions islandwide. The festival will feature world-class speakers and science performers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Taglined, ‘Science is Fun’, the nation’s largest annual science event collectively celebrates and showcases science in an attractive, experiential, and relevant manner to everyday life.


This year, X-periment! is headlined by internationally renowned science entertainer, Dr Ken Farquhar, who will be performing his ‘Entertaining Science Circus Show’ that demonstrates the science behind some of the common circus feats performed by acrobats across the world.

Visitors at X-periment! will also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, meet local scientists, and witness up close the innovations created by A*STAR’s research institutes, local universities, and polytechnics. Some of these include printable solar cell batteries from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) and a giant robotic snake that can mimic real snakes in its movement from Nanyang Polytechnic.


Another returning favourite this year is the STAR Lecture, co-sponsored by Procter & Gamble, from July 29th to July 31st, which will take visitors on a journey of scientific discovery and inspiration. Targeted at school-going students between the ages of 13 and 18, the STAR Lecture draws from the Christmas Lectures approach of teaching science to youths in an engaging and relevant manner. This year, Dr Peter Wothers, Teaching Fellow at the University of Cambridge, will delve into the chemistry of the world around us – looking at three original Greek ‘elements’ of Air, Water, and Earth, through his show, ‘The Modern Alchemist’.

Celebrating the spirit of innovation and Do-It-Yourself crafts, the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, sponsored by Intel, will gather inventors, hobbyists, crafters, and artists from Singapore and abroad to demonstrate their projects, share their skills, conduct workshops, and even sell their work. Happening from July 27th to July 28th at *SCAPE Warehouse, this year’s event has two new forums lined up in the mix, one on 3D painting and another on the Maker Movement in Singapore. Some of the highlights visitors can look forward to include eco-friendly jewellery making, creating animated wall paintings, and automating home appliances and equipment from the single touch of a smart phone. Participants can also hop over to watch some interesting science busking at the Science Buskers Festival, also happening at *SCAPE Warehouse during the same period as the Singapore Mini Maker Faire


This year’s Festival will be the biggest edition yet with over 50 partners from local attractions, education, and research industries teaming up to show how fun science can be; this marks a 20% increase in the number of participating partners from last year’s Festival.

Exploring the science of ancient burial practices in Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, discovering the science behind roller coasters at the Universal Studios Singapore Physics® Programme in Resorts World Sentosa, and learning how over 8,000 animals are kept in the pink of health in Animal in the PinK! at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore are just some of the many partner events, activities, and exhibitions that are offered as part of the Festival.

For more information, check out Singapore Science Festival 2013 website and their Facebook Page!

For more information on the events listing during Singapore Science Festival 2013, here’s the link!

Information and details courtesy of Singapore Science Festival organisers, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Science Centre Singapore.