7th January 2018 – 1st Update post for the Year

It’s been only a week since the new year 2018 kick off, while it wasn’t a big kick off style for me, more of slow and low key, I was happy with the work, flow and things that I wanted to do at the start of the year 2018. There is something that resonates with me, this phrase “some things never change” and one of the things was life is never perfect, never smooth and there is always ups and downs.

First few days of year 2018, my photography and travel website/blog was down for a few days (around 2-3 days) after my hosting and domain services company, Domains Priced Right updated and upgraded my hosting account. I thought everything was fine after that, the next thing was that my login was lost and I had to request for my friend’s Brian’s IT expertise to help me out.

Over an afternoon of troubleshooting, he managed to resolve the login for me and I am able to enter into my wp-admin backend panel. Initially, I thought it’s back to running normally, after further checking, I realised that my 11 years of hard work, my categories and tags were all gone, my photography and travel website/blog is now in a mess (the contents are still there though, feeling very thankful!). I need to return back and ask Brian for assistance again.

This “repair and recovery” phase is estimated going to take 1-2 weeks, after that, I am going to back up and transfer my domain and hosting services to my friend’s company Business Network Internet (BNI) Hub. During this time, I might find a new template for my photography and travel website/blog, time for a fresh start to year 2018, a fresh beginning with BNI Hub.

During the repair and recovery phase, I would spend time editing photographs, uploading them into my Flickr, 500px and Format photography portfolio. Meanwhile, I would work on my personal website/blog topics e.g. technology, gadgets, fin-tech, business, forex investing etc etc.

As for my photography business, personal photography and travel goals settings, I would put on hold until my photography and travel website/blog is “repaired and recovered” before publishing it.

Not the most ideal start to year 2018, it’s also not the worst start at all. Basically, I should be able to handle the hiccups being presented to me, I just have to find my ways and means, finding solutions, asking for assistance to get them back up and running properly again.

Other than my photography and travel website/blog update, I am continuing to spring clean my room and my possessions, decluttering, throwing away, giving away and keeping those things that I want. Following that, I am continuing to do spring cleaning in my home, helping, cleaning and decluttering as much as I could.

In the month of January 2018, I hope to clear some backlogs that I didn’t manage to clear in December 2017. Another area that I am keen to start writing and covering more on is on cryptocurrnecy, let’s hope this segment can help me grow something out of them.

Getting year 2018 on the correct note, staying firm, steady and stable on the ground while moving forward to grow and expand (it may and need not be the fastest) in this year 2018.

I want to make a breakthrough for this year 2018!

Managing my time on my social media platforms

I had for-seen this thing coming to me, sometime back, I had started to slow down on social media usage especially on my personal Facebook wall and moved towards updating photography stuff on my Facebook Page. In the most recent months, partly due to heavier workload and the friends FB wall getting more complaining, ranting, sharing of stories from “those sources”, it got me to a point whereby I was quite turn off by the posts and rants on Facebook.

The peak and crunch came during the most recent General Elections 2015 in Singapore, the amount of arrows, posts and words flying across the social media channels and platforms. For once, I was kind of switched off totally from my Facebook with the exception of updating my Facebook Page with posts and sharing of photography articles.

Social media, writing, blogging and sharing had brought me to many places, made more new friends and gave me the outreach that I can never imagine for my photography. From the various social media channels and platforms, I was able to learn, improve, participate and interact with like-minded people on photography, travel, heritage, conservation, tech stuff etc etc. Social media is useful for connecting with friends and relatives living overseas and to keep up to date with them.

The turnoff probably come from too much ranting and complaining. In some aspects, fighting and bickering on their FB wall. When my friend Jude shared a video on Anti Social Behaviour, it made me realised that the human race had become Anti Social. Yes, we can’t deny that social media will now be a part of our lives and lifestyle, for the future generations and beyond.

I will still continue to use social media for my outreach, publicity, awareness and marketing. I will also manage my time on social media platforms. The key social media platforms for me in the near future would probably be

Quick and Instant Updates



Summary Updates

Photography Site

Facebook Page



These few platforms allow me to provide instant updates and sharing of my photography. Twitter, of course allows me to say quite a lot of different issues/matters/topics under the weather (I must remember not to anyhow write and post stuff).

Our adult time in this era, quite a lot of time is spent on work and work (and it is already very stressful and pressuring). In my leisure time, I want to spend quality time on quality human touch connections whenever possible and the other is for my personal photography projects that are meaningful, fulfilling, intrinsically rewarding and that can contribute back to society.

This is probably just me, you might share the same thoughts and feelings with me too. However, this might not apply to you too. My friend Jude wrote in our conversation “Don’t disconnect the human touch”. I totally agree, even when we are using the social media platforms and channels.

Let’s bring back the human touch and connections.

Preserve Heritage & History ? Or Earn Profits ?

On this day, 1st July 2011, this marked the start of a new chapter, a new era in Singapore, yet it also meant the end of a chapter, history, heritage and era in Singapore’s history too. It was the end of the KTM Railway operations in Singapore with the return of the Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station and Bukit Timah KTM Railway Station to Singapore and the KTM trains no longer operate from these 2 railway stations.

On the last day of the Grand Old Dame operations, it was a grand occasion to send her off away in style and passion, that unites both sides of the countries, Singapore and Malaysia, together, signifying and showing the close inter-relationship that both countries have over the centuries. The photojournalistic adventures of the Last KTM Train in and out of Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station can be found here on my photoblog.

What lies ahead ? The railway stations Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah will be preserved and restored for heritage purposes. However, the rest of the whole stretch of the railway tracks/line from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands, is of great debate, concerns and discussions, from the people who are passionate and advocating preserving The Green Corridor, flora and fauna, to the history, heritage and culture, to the government bodies and non-profit organisations. The fate of the entire railway track is still unknown at this point in time of writing.

It’s a delicate issue, with land scarcity and increasing population versus preserving the greenery, tranquility and a green belt to keep the spirit and history of the railway tracks alive for the future generations. It’s also an opportunity for Singaporeans to get closer to nature and wildlife, along with outdoor recreational activities such as cycling (mountain biking) and trekking.

What is the answer ? Preserve Heritage & History ? Or Earn Profits ? What is the price of capitalisation ? Lost and erosion of Heritage and Culture … forever …

The railway tracks, along with parts and components of the railway lines, will be removed and returned back. While that is understandable, we might need to think how we can do something more, to rebuild back the tracks ? Or transform it into a Green Corridor Belt / Connectors for walking, trekking and cycling ? Or will we see more private properties being built on the land that the railway tracks once occupy ? I personally do not wish to see more private properties being built at the expense of the greenery being destroyed forever. How beautiful is The Green Corridor ? Check out my photos here!

Many people have stepped forward, with ideas, thoughts, pouring out of emotions and stories, through traditional media and social media. From the newspaper forums, letters to editors, blogs, facebook notes, websites, twitter and flickr, a lot more people are getting more involved and voiced out their inside to their fellow people. An individual effort maybe a small effort, no doubt it is small, remember, a tiny drop makes an ocean when they all combine together. Likewise, every individual’s effort to help spread this noble cause to preserve the heritage and The Green Corridor, the message will get across to the relevant authorities.

This is the power of social media channels and networks, harnessing them for a social and noble cause, showcasing the positive impacts and network outreach to the wider community, encouraging their fellow people to step forward too, to Pay-It-Forward, a collective effort to make this noble cause even bigger and wider.

What solutions can be implemented for the railway tracks/line a.k.a The Green Corridor ? Lots have been discussed and a summary of the various discussions/ideas by different people is here –

  • Transforming it into a unique railway track connector for cycling, trekking and walking
  • Linking to the various Park Connectors of the different nature reserves, parks of Singapore along the railway line
  • Some segments of the railway tracks can be gazetted into Nature Reserve especially Clementi to Bukit Timah stretch
  • Heritage and cultural museums for Tanjong Pagar Raliway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station
  • Along some parts of the railway line, small scale gardening and farming can be allowed for the residents
While this is non-exhaustive, let’s keep this whole exercise, noble cause going! We all can make a difference, no matter how big or small, for our future generations, to remember and learn about our railway heritage, history and the friendship between Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore’s 44th NDP Celebrations – An Ultimate Experience !

Singapore’s 44th National Day Birthday Celebrations had just been completed on the 9th August 2009, I didn’t get to watch the National Day Parade and Celebrations LIVE on television, I was with the crowds camping outside Esplanade, Esplanade Bridge, Marina Square, One Fullerton and I positioned myself in between One Fullerton and Clifford Pier Hotel to capture the NDP 09 fireworks, check out my story here on my photoblog !


I thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks and luckily, I attend the NDP 2009 Preview and the Parade was really an ultimate experience for me, check out my Journey Through NDP 09 Preview ! Having followed National Day Parades and involved in National Day Parades before, this is really special for me and many Singaporeans and friends from all over the world too.

The 44th National Day Parade and Celebrations united us again together in this tough period of economic crisis and flu outbreak, counting our blessings and embracing our growth, success and not forgetting fellow Singaporeans who were less well off, making a presence in the international community. To be grateful and count our blessings, safety and peace.

How was Singapore’s 44th National Day Parade Celebrations different, unique or special ?

– Engaging the Heartlanders – It’s a very period for all and the themes and performances touched all the hearts

– Social Media Networking ~ A very powerful set of tools, platforms and services that the current and especially the younger generations can relate to. If anybody doubt the power of social media networking, look at how NDP 2009 engaged and prepared for the Grand Finale with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube.

– Engaging Bloggers ~ Mr Brown did an awesome job with his coverage of the NDP 2009 and don’t we love all his antics and adventures during NDP 2009 rehearsals and preparations ! Mr Brown showed all Singaporeans the background scenes that got the Parade and Celebrations going, people who worked very hard behind the scenes to make the Parade and Celebrations a success !

– Having NDP Roadshows at different areas of Singapore, great Publicity and Marketing.

– The Pledge Moment at 8:22pm ~ A great initiative to remind us of who we are, where we are and to count our blessings.

– The Celebrations ~ Using different Chapters to showcase the history and growth of Singapore, if you were inside any of the rehearsals or the Grand Finale Parade itself, you would definitely be able to relate how different, unique and special, lots of singing, dancing, celebrating from all walks of life!

– Pole Dancing ~ Interesting topic of discussion by Singaporeans, both the pros and cons. By having 2 schools of thoughts, it does give NDP 09 another unique and interesting experience and adventure !!!

– Theme Song ~ A rock theme song “What Do You See” by Electrico, never imagined before by many people to be even allowed for National Day Parade Theme Song, I sincerely believed they brought out a lot of us in the song, evoking emotions and thoughts on being Singaporean. Well done on the Theme Song !!!

– Creative Direction ~ Check out Mr Brown’s post, his video recording on YouTube with Ivan Heng, the Creative Director on the creative direction of NDP 2009 and the story behind NDP 09 Creative Direction shall come to light !!

– Fireworks ~ Something that I always looked forward to !

Rounding up my photography and writing adventures here ….. Do check out my photojournalistic adventures and photo sets on Flickr

~ Journey Through National Day Parade Preview 2009

~ Fireworks Pics from Singapore’s 44th Birthday

~ National Day Parade 2009 Preview

~ National Day Parade 2009 Fireworks


Have a National Day Parade 2009 Heart of Love !!