It’s 1 more week to the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon, my training for the past 1 month had been crash course amidst my busy schedule, I squeezed in the runs. On the 28th November night, I decided to do a longer run, close to 21km, with my friends Jack Lan and Brian Lam, running 3 rounds of the Pandan Reservoir, a sand and gravel trail, not your usual roads.

It was a good run, my first run in that area, with the sand and gravel, it was a bit more challenging than the roads that I usually ran on. Looking at the map above, I was using iMapMyFitness program on my Apple 3G iPhone and it was a good tool to record our routes and average pace, however, there was a path that showed I “cut across” the Pandan Reservoir ! Technology is wonderful, however, it does have its flaws !

Now, for the remaining days leading up to the marathon, it’s time to start counting down !

3 thoughts on “Another Training Run”
  1. Hey Geng Hui,

    That’s a really great run yesterday. It’s been quite some time since I ran. Gotten back my running streak already for the upcoming marathon.

    Keep it up!


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