In less than 12 hours time, I would be embarking on my 4th Full Marathon, looking back, it had always been an inspiring run, each individual run, from a full marathon to a 10km run, is always special and mind changing for me.

For more information on the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008, do drop by their website and take a look ! Do click by this link for a view of the running route tomorrow ! 

For the past few major runs, it had been a mind searching and enlightening time, on top of your physical and mental limits being pushed. If you seek and want to be an entrepreneur, physical and mental conditioning are necessary and crucial for your long term development in personal and career wise. 

Every step you run, find something that is close to your heart that you will be inspired, besides that, seek new ideas, hopes, inspirations and strength at all times during your run. During my previous 3 full marathons, there would always be something close to my heart, inspirations, ideas and vision. For my 4th upcoming marathon, I am looking to run with belief and inspiration.

If you are running your 1st full marathon tomorrow, welcome to the full marathon runners club ! Believe in yourself and the rest of the other marathon runners would inspire you along the way ! 

Run Your Own Race ! Believe in Yourself !

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