It had been some time back since I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and slowly over time, I had finally reached near towards the end of my book chapter review of this wonderful book.

Nevertheless, I had already started on my next book, from my range of books available in my treasure box now. I have chosen “Principle – Centred Leadership” by Stephen R. Covey for my next book chapter review project. This would be done in conjunction with the growth, further development and breakthrough for my personal homepage, I would be strategising and writing with the following key purposes behind the purposes –

  • Building a regular reading article on leadership for my young leaders whom I would be indirectly mentoring.
  • Writing and providing quality personal development articles for my readers.
  • Reinforcing my own thoughts, thinking, knowledge, application into real life and breakthroughs for myself.
  • Taking the provision of personal development, training and learning via my personal site towards another playing field.

I had started reading on the first few chapters of Principle – Centred Leadership and I am slowly piecing together my inner jigsaw puzzle, understanding and learning more about my inner self and how much I can relate to it and rising up towards a higher learning and suceess with the paradigm shifts.

There is still so so much much more for me to learn.

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