In a few hours time, I would be starting my night marathon, known as the Sundown Marathon.

Looking foward to another awesome night running ! Would keep you folks posted when I returned from my running and a great time of exercise and fitness training. There would be a number of colleagues and ex-colleagues running too and hope to catch them there !

Got well wishes from Uncle Ray & YellowPrettyTruth, thanks folks !

See you readers soon with my write up !

4 thoughts on “SunDown Marathon …… Here I Come !”
  1. Hi, did you manage to complete the Sundown marathon? I think it’s no problem for a young man like you. My son age 41 participated too. I did not ask him how long he took to complete the marathon. According to today’s Sunday Times a 58 year old man was in the marathon also. I salute his determination!

  2. Hello,

    I completed my SunDown Marathon ! Thanks for dropping by here ! Would be writing up on my SunDown Marathon experiences soon !

  3. Hi, tangenghui,

    I couldn’t login my MSN successfuly these days.

    It’s glad to know you completed SunDown Marathon. That’s a mission impossible for me!

    I am still busy in chengdu, Maybe back home later this month.:)

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