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Chasing New Toys - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Chasing new toys a.k.a latest technology gadgets, had always been part of my growing up life, my stories and time following the latest trends in information technology and internet improvement. 

For us techies, I believed we all faced a common problem …….. Chase New Toys and Upgrade ? Should I do it now ? Would I be stuck with technical bugs in the first batch of electronics gadgets ?

I read the following websites for more updates on the upcoming new toys 

DPReview ~ Photography related 

CNET Asia Review ~ IT related

AppleInsider ~ Apple related

MacWorld ~ Apple related

It was through reading rumours from different websites that I read the potential Apple new toys that could be coming up in the very near future. One of them was the new rumour on the current Macbook range replacement, with an aluminum base and possibly latest processor chip …. Interesting, nevertheless, should I be chasing this particular new toy ?

Oh, by the way, I am chasing some old & new toys

– Apple 3G iPhone ~ it should be here soon in Singapore …….. finally !

– Canon EOS 1D Mk 2 ~ 2nd Hand at a very good price ……. very tempted !

– 250 GB or 500 GB Portable 2.5inch HD ~ My photographs collection are expanding exponentially !

A word of caution ……….. Be Careful of the 3 Bs – BUY BUY BUY !

4 thoughts on “Chasing New Toys”
  1. Seems like everyone is eagerly waiting for Apple 3G iPhone! 😀

    Is second hand DSLR good? I mean as a second hand… my brother bought a Canon DSLR last year at $600 (actual is $1k+), so I am using it for some of the recent shots taken in Singapore, and they are of cos, far better than normal digital cameras.

    Wonder if I should buy a second hand DSLR in the future if it’s a lot cheaper.

  2. Hi Eunice,

    I don’t mind a 2nd hand DSLR, however, I would give it a more thorough screening & buying from my very reliable place, The Camera Workshop.

    An entry level DSLR is already a lot lower, your brother is a Canon DSLR user, he would be able to go with you and buy a DSLR, whether it is new or 2nd hand.

    Oh, btw, excellent choice to choose Canon DSLR ! 😉

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