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A New Gym Environment, Return of the Fitness Training - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

After completing the Standard Chartered Marathon 42.195km Marathon and reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu in December 2007 within the space of 1 week, I did not undertake any further fitness training either in the Gym or running. My 2 knees were absolutely sore and painful after that eventful week.

Recently, my former Gym Personal Trainer contacted me and we met up, giving me the Personal Trainer lessons that were once forfeited due to some situations arising from my former Gym location, which I would not elaborate further here. We had a chat too and I also wanted a change of my Gym environment and the new Gym environment would provide me further and greater business networking opportunities with the crowds there. They have more outlets across Singapore and have nice client amenities available for us Gym members. Finally, I am back in a New Gym Environment, Return of the Fitness Training.

Fitness Training is very important, especially in recent years, whereby I took up running more seriously, especially in running 42.195km Marathon over the past 2 years. I love team sports like football, rugby league and basketball, however, with the current working climate of my friends, it’s a lot harder to play team sports nowadays. Running and Gym are the current fitness training schemes that I am committed to.

Besides training for runs, fitness training also keeps me fit and healthy, maintaining my metabolism rate and peak fitness to handle my multi-business work. It also provides me with the strength and peak physical condition to be an entrepreneur because the amount of time and energy can be very time consuming.

Sports, fitness training and marathon, are very similar to preparing goal settings for my career, therefore, it helps to train and strengthen my mindset, in achieving both my fitness, marathon, personal and entrepreneur goals.

Looking foward to Jack Lan Marathon Training Schedule for the Sundown Marathon in May 2008. I am ready for it !

Folks, have a fit and healthy lifestyle !

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