During the recent completion of the Sundown Marathon and the PA Passion Run, I could see that more people in Singapore are joining long distance running, that is a good signal, more people are taking exercise, health and fitness training more seriously than before.

On 11th June 2008, The Straits Times segment, “Mind Your Body”, wrote on “The BIG RACE – The Enduring Appeal of Long-Distance Running”. Immediately, it caught my attention and reinforced my view that more people are willing to be more sporty and long distance running is getting more popular. The editor of Mind Your Body, Gloria Chandy, summarised it very well on the key points about long distance running –

  • Attitude – Having the will to succeed (even if is just for personal satisfaction)
  • Not letting laziness get the better of us
  • Exercise grows on us, feeling good about yourself
  • Maintaining good health and keeping in shape

I totally agree with Gloria Chandy key points, it also helps me a lot in managing my thoughts and emotions better with a fit and healthy body and mindset, thus giving me calm and tranquility when I need it most and last but not least, running a marathon is just like my businesses, career and life, completing it and getting breakthroughs constantly. Well, I would need to bring my level higher and achieve better and improved results in my marathon completion and that applies to my personal and business life too.

In the middle segment of Mind Your Body, there was the Cover Story – Running for life, by June Cheong. For readers who never ever or wish to think nor consider embarking on a long distance run, do read this article and have a better understanding on important learning points. The key points contributed by various doctors specialising in the sports field are –

  • Preparation is key before an endurance event
  • Carbohydrates are main source of fuel for a marathon
  • Good hydration strategy – reducing heat injuries, improving performance
  • Refrain from having meals 3 hrs before an endurance race
  • 50g to 60g of carbohydrate every hour of the race
  • A progressive and consistent training regimen – 6 months window
  • When preparing for an endurance race, increase training load by only 10% every week
  • For full marathon, exercise at least 4 days a week, building up a weekly mileage of minimum 60km

Besides the training points in the paper, by running a big race, it would help you with benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, musculoskeletal strength, endurance, optimal body mass index, mental fitness and increased immunity from common aliments.

Folks, don’t be afraid to take up a big race. If you are keen to start training and begin to start running your own big race, this is the calender of local runs for 2008, found in Mind Your Body page 14 & 15 –

  • Mizuno Wave Run 2008 – 10km run on July 27
  • Touch Run – 5km, 10km & 21km on August 3
  • SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon – 6km, 10km & 21km on August 24
  • AVIVA Ironman 70.3 Singapore – September 7
  • Great Eastern Women 10k 2008 – October 26
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – December 7

All it takes is your willingness and desire to take the 1st step to decide and sign up for your running a big race, thereafter, start your consistent training program.

I can share with you people that, I once “chickened out” from running a marathon in 2005, however, after completing my 1st marathon in 2006, I never looked back.

Believe in yourself and you will complete your big race !

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