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During the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to attend 2 events at the B2B level, LG Connect 2018 Asia and Tech in Asia Singapore 2018. Those two events allowed me to enter into the B2B segment, something that I had started moving into and writing about on a small scale some years back since I started off in B2C segment, mainly in consumer products and services.

B2B events

LG Connect 2018 Asia

A visit to this B2B seminar, looking at LG commercial displays and solutions. This was also like a follow up to the B2B event that I attended in 2017, I would share more in another upcoming article on LG commercial products and solutions, it got bigger and better.

Tech in Asia Singapore 2018

This was my first visit to Tech in Asia Singapore conference, a real eye opener for me into B2B technology, digital, solutions, startups, entrepreneurship. I discovered startups and companies into blockchain, cryptocurrency, as well travel and photography related industries. Keep a lookout for my articles coverage on the companies/startups that I had a good chat with at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 conference.

Technology learning

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, two areas that I am very keen in. While I am just starting out in the two areas, my personal belief is that these two have very huge growth and expansion potential. During my visit to Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 conference, I got to know a bit more, I am going to work and expand on the two areas, in terms of learning, sharing and trading/investing.

If an opportunity comes up, I would work in these two areas as my second business/work (blockchain technology) and investing/trading in digital currency.

Catching up on technology articles

At the moment, I am planing on my technology articles schedule, I hope to clear them, reduce my backlog and I can start on new areas of technology interests in blockchain and digitial currency. These are the two areas that I am planning to grow and expand in that two areas.

Post Thoughts

Sometimes, out of the blue, you are being “thrown a spanner” by friends who just never fail to discourage and demoralise you while you are trying to make a (my photography) business sustainable.

Life goes on, have to keep on striving forward, improving my current skills and knowledge, learning new skills and knowledge, not just in photography, in other areas too.

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