It’s the weekend today, Saturday 24th November 2012! It’s also the weekend for SITEX 2012! Here’s my continuation on the sharing on some of the brands that are at SITEX 2012! I have been an avid user of Canon’s DSLR system, including reviews for Canon EOS 1DX and EOS 5D MK III on my photoblog. Canon at SITEX 2012 has many great offerings, not just DSLR ! There are digital cameras and printers available during SITEX 2012 too!

For those who are keen on the EOS M, it’s also available at SITEX 2012 too, I remembered being there for Canon’s milestone event when they announced the arrival of their EOS M! Do check out the brochures below for more details if you are keen to purchase the Canon EOS M! Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping for Canon’s wide, wonderful, and delightful range of camera products that are available at SITEX 2012!

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