Motorsports and racing fans/enthusiasts, especially Honda Racing fans, take note! Casio, an internationally renowned watch brand, maybe known for its toughness, they are also a watch with a spirit of racing pulsing through its DNA. With a respect for speed and technological feats of racing, Casio is proud to introduce the Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition model in collaboration with Honda Racing to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Suzuka Circuit.

Year 2022 marks the 60th anniversary since the construction of the Suzuka Circuit by Honda Motor Limited in 1962. This motorsport race track circuit is 5.807km long, located in Ino, Suzuka City, that was first designed as a Honda test track featuring an iconic figure of 8 layout with a 1.2km long back straight passing over the front section by means of an overpass. Suzuka Circuit is one of the only two FIA Grade 1 licensed track to have a figure of 8 layout, the other one being the Fiorano Circuit in Italy.

For F1 fans and drivers, Suzuka Circuit has openly touted by them as one of the most enjoyable, it’s also one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula One World Championship and it has a long history of races as venue of the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987. Its traditional role as one of the last Grand Prix of the season means numerous world championships have been decided at this track. Four years consecutively in its early history, Suzuka Circuit saw the world championship being decided. This include the 1988 championship, which went to Ayrton Senna, the controversial 1989 championship, which went to Alain Prost, and the 1990 and 1991 world championships, which both went to Senna.

Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition

The Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition model is infused with Honda Racing’s spirit of racing in all aspects. The X-frame of the dial is painted with the same paint used in the Honda red badge, which symbolises the racing spirit of Honda and can only be seen on Honda racing cars such as the RA271 and the Type R commercial vehicles.

The HRC brand logo is featured prominently on the dial of the watch, while the Honda logo and the Honda Racing logo are engraved on to the case, band ring and back cover. The back cover is also dressed with the engraving of a logo celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Suzuka Circuit.

This Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition model is using the EQB-2000 as the base, which was inspired by the double-wishbone suspension used in racing cars, and features Honda NSX GT3 motif with red accents on a black background. The band of it is made from the material Alcantara, which a synthetic material known for its durability and comfort and used for the interior of Honda’s Type R cars.

The EQB-2000 also comes with a chronograph for precise timekeeping and is equipped with Bluetooth smartphone links that offers auto time adjustment, watch setting, approximately 300 World Time Cities, stopwatch time transfer, and an iPhone finder all accessible via an app on your mobile phone.

Wear the racing spirit of Honda Racing and the Suzuka Circuit on your wrist with the EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition.

Pricing and Availability

This Honda Collaboration Model will be available at Honda official authorised distributor, Kah Motor form 2nd November 2022.

It will be available at EDIFICE retailers and from 23rd November 2022.

SGD $849

Technical Specifications

Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition EQB-2000HR-1A

Construction Solar Powered
Communication Specifications Bluetooth® low energy

Power saving

Stopwatch 1 second (1:00’00”~23:59’59”); measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99″; flyback, direct timing start from the timekeeping mode
Alarm Daily Alarms
Mobile Link Features
(Wireless linking with Bluetooth® devices)
Auto time adjustment
Easy watch setting
Approximately 300 world time cities + user-added point
Stopwatch data transfer
Time & place
Phone finder
Other Functions Dual time home city time swapping; day display; full auto-calendar (to year 2099); day indicator; regular timekeeping; 12/24-hour format
Power Source Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)
Continuous Operation About 5 months after full charge, using all functions but without solar charging

About 19 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge

Size of Case 55.6 × 47.8 × 10.8 mm
Total Weight Approx. 96g

* Information and pictures courtesy of Casio and Brand Cellar *

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