EPSON, a world renowned market leader in innovative information technology products, recently showcased their largest-ever launch of projectors, printers and scanners, where a total of 25 products were introduced. Building on Epson’s two core technologies – the 3LCD technology for projectors and the Micro Piezo technology for printers – these products each come with their own set of market-leading capabilities and features that are engineered to fulfil the needs of a diverse range of both home and business users, depending on their budget and needs. Specifically, the large format printers are launched as part of Epson’s mid-term growth strategy to 2015, to drive growth in commercial and industrial printing with its signage and Computer Aided Design (CAD) printers.

I was there to witness and try out their newest range of products and I was impressed with their 3LCD technology for projectors and their Micro Piezo technology for printers. Although the products showcased were targeted for the business market segment, EPSON does have a wide range of products for home use too! Out of the 25 new EPSON products on display during the showcase, I was most interested in their commercial large format printers due to my strong interest in photography and when I am going to print out large format photography prints in the future, I have a better idea on which large format EPSON printer to look for. The large format printers showcased on that day were catered for the advertising, design and architecture industries. A test print from the large format printers on display showed the great quality from their printout and their world famous large format printers for photography would produce greater quality!

Here’s the list of EPSON’s new Business Product-Line, do check out EPSON Singapore website for more in-depth details!


 Home Theatre 3D Projectors

1)      Epson EH-TW550: An affordable 720P 3D home theater model

2)      Epson EH-TW6100, EH-TW8100 and EH-TW8100W: Three high-end 1080P home theatre 3D projectors that are able to generate the world’s brightest 3D images. The EH-TW8100W is the world’s first full HD projector with a built-in WirelessHD receiver.

Interactive Projectors

1)      The new EB-436Wi: Short throw projector that includes integrated interactive functionality

2)      The EB-1410Wi: Epson’s first ultra-short throw projector with seamless connectivity for business users

Business Projectors

1)      The EB-W16 and EB-W16SK: Epson’s first 3D projectors for educational and business users – The EB-W16 is an active 3D model, and the EB-W16SK is a passive 3D model composed of two stacked projectors.


Large Format Printers

1)      Epson SureColor S30670 signage printer: Offering exceptional value, the model is cost-competitive and known for its Affordability (4-ink, single print head)

2)      Epson SureColor SC-S50670 signage printer: The world’s fastest sign printer (60-inch and above) that offers customers unmatched productivity. (4 or 5 ink (white optional), dual print head)

3)      Epson SureColor SC-S70670 signage printer: Top of the SureColor S series range and the sign printing market with the highest print quality and colour accuracy. (8 or 10 ink, dual print head)

4)      Epson SureColor SC-T3070 Computer Aided Design (CAD) printer: 24-inch format printer with Precision Micro Piezo technology for the CAD market

5)      Epson SureColor SC-T5070 Computer Aided Design (CAD) printer: 36-inch format printer with Precision Micro Piezo technology for the CAD market

6)      Epson SureColor SC-T7070 Computer Aided Design (CAD) printer: 44-inch format printer with Precision Micro Piezo technology for the CAD market

Inkjet Printers

1)      Epson WorkForce WF-2548: Ultra-compact small business all-in-one printer with fax, ADF, Ethernet,  Wi-Fi and a 2.5-inch LCD.

2)      Epson WorkForce WF-3521: High performance all-in-one workgroup printer with fax, ADF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and a 2.5-inch LCD.

Mono LED Printers

1)      Epson WorkForce M200DN:  A4 mono LED single function printer with duplex printing capability and Ethernet

2)      Epson WorkForce MX200DNF: A4 mono LED all-in-one function printer with duplex printing capability, Ethernet, Fax and automatic document feeder (ADF)

LabelWorks Printer

1)      Epson LabelWorks Pro 100: “Hybrid” Stationery label printer that allows users to create labels of up to 24mm in width, together with a large memory space for reprinting and an automatic cutter.

2)      Epson LabelWorks LW-700: A stationery label printer that is compatible with wide format printing, measuring 50mm or 100mm in width, providing edge to edge printing.


1)      Epson WorkForce DS-6500: Standard A4 flatbed scanner with ADF

2)      Epson WorkForce DS-7500: Advanced A4 flatbed scanner with ADF (higher speed and durability)

3)      Epson WorkForce DS-50000: Standard A3 flatbed scanner

4)      Epson WorkForce DS-60000: Standard A3 flatbed scanner with ADF

5)      Epson WorkForce DS-70000: Advanced A3 flatbed scanner with ADF (higher speed and durability)

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  1. I found this article whilst trying to find Epsons new specialist technical support number in the UK however, after being a supplier of Epson products for over 15 years, I totally agree with the author here.

    Epson have had their marketshare diluted by the like sof Kodak, Canon and Fujitsu the last few years, especially in the scanner market however I have to say, I have seen a big surge in Epson marketing these last few years!

    The Scanner Shop

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