Happy SG53 Singapore!

Today is 9th August 2018, this is Singapore’s SG53, 53rd birthday! I didn’t know when I started writing down and publishing my thoughts for 9thAugust, I did a search on my personal website/blog and found articles published in 2012 (SG47), 2013 (SG48), 2014 (SG49), 2016 (SG51)and 2017 (SG52)published a bit later to coincide with my 999thpost.

At 53 years, we are still a very young nation, we are still growing and learning and many things have changed since I started writing down my thoughts and feelings for 9th August in Singapore.

I have been (and still doing) photographing and documenting Singapore (more than 10 years) on my photography/travel website/blogand you can take a look at the photographs of Singapore that I accumulated in this Flickr collection. On the other side here, on my personal/technology website/blog, I wrote on topics close to my heart on growth, learning and changes.

I might view things differently from many of you, on the ground level and from the social media channels/platforms. Personally, based on my personal gut sense and observation, there are different groups of people here in Singapore, who have stepped up and decided that they can and will make a difference through entrepreneurship, startups, social enterprise, cultural, heritage, conservation, preservation and advocating movements in the community. They are making a change, a difference, to other people, to the society.

On the other hand, I sensed some areas that got me even more worried than before, in the areas of complacency, laziness, afraid of change, self-entitlement and addicted to social media platforms/channels, complaining and “fighting” with people, it’s like their full time job. This area is giving me a lot of concern, High Social Economic Status (SES) and low Social Economic Status (SES), it might just divide Singapore even further and wider. How many of those in the High SES group knows about the poor and poverty situation in Singapore?

There are a lot of challenges ahead, not just for Singapore, for the whole world as well. The pace of technology, the impacts and changes are huge, this can help you or replace you in your work. Trade, economics and business have been on a shorter economic cycle than before, the fluctations faster and shorter, that would also mean more roller coaster rides.

With a more socially conscious society, better awareness and publicity, there are more areas of interest and concern that Singaporeans have embarked upon, stepping up to be the change and making the change. A movement that is encouraging that not all Singaporeans are caught up in the rat race for money, status and property (which the majority are chasing for).

Have you ask yourself what it means to be Singaporean? What are the changes that you would implement for yourself to prepare for the future? Embracing the new technological advancements, adapting and implementing them, doing something about it, some work-in-progress. Making changes, rethinking business strategies, adapting and adopting, collaborating and partnerships, lots of work to do, on a personal level and for Singapore.

There are many more topics, areas of concern to touch on and go in-depth here in Singapore. While I have written above is probably just the tip of the iceberg. As Singapore celebrates her 53rd birthday, I hope that more Singaporeans will stand up and take note of the many things, stuff, topics and areas of concern in Singapore.

Nothing is perfect in the world, we all have our strengths and flaws. Once we know, recognise and understand our strengths and flaws, we can work on the areas to work on and improve. I sincerely hope that everybody will start to embrace the changes needed and necessary to bring Singapore into the next generation and beyond.

Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore! We still have a lot to learn, grow and improve! Have a fun birthday party!

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