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Post Nike+ Human Race 10k - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

It’s been a week after the worldwide event Nike+ The Human Race 10k and the feeling was of fun and great carnival !

First and foremost, my timing was 1 hr 14 min and 51s, well ……. not too bad, not too good. Happy with my timing as I saw it more of a fun run with great noble cause. As I was exploring the NikePlus website and looked at my running time, my friends running time, worldwide runners best timings, I chanced upon the Nike Trainer function and was trying to use it and implement it for my crash course (13 weeks) Standard Chartered Marathon 2008 training on 7th December 2008. Experimenting with it had not led me to successful schedule being done up yet, would try to fit in a tight running schedule with business commitments and gym training sessions and upcoming local runs to prepare for my year end Marathon, my 4th Marathon !

Folks, once I successfully experimented with the Nike Trainer function inside its website, I would share with fellow runners here on implementation, along with progress reports and updates. Recently, I talked to old mate Nicholas, and we were discussing on entering for triathlon in year 2009, giving us 1 year of preparation physically to cope with 3 different kinds of sports (run, swim and bike). Frankly, this was something I was planning sometime back when Nick asked me whether I was keen to be his training mate for triathlon, it’s like the next level of endurance races, I had successfully finished 3 Marathons to date and it was a big breakthrough !

My future physical fitness and endurance goals now – 

(1) Breakthrough Marathon Finishing Timings – want to shed off at least 1 hour and go into sub 5 hours finishing. 

(2) Train for triathlon – participate in 2009, need to get the appropriate racing bicycle, equipment.

(3) Collect more Marathon Finishers Medals ! 😉

(4) Collect more Running Apparel ! 🙂

(5) Climb/Hike Mountain Ranges and Routes

Completing marathons were a big breakthrough for me in my sporting lifestyle, something that I never imagined myself doing last time (when I was much fitter !!!) and with a list of injuries from head to toe, it was a significant achievement to complete marathons over the past 3 attempts. Besides this breakthrough, marathon training, running and finishing gave me a lot of strength, faith and endurance in my entrepreneur business and development, last but not least, a lot into my personal development too !

I hope my simple sharing here on my runs would help and motivate current runners and future runners to go for longer distance running and join in the full marathon bandwagon ! 

Just Do It ! Go For It ! Run Your Own Race ! 

2 thoughts on “Post Nike+ Human Race 10k”
  1. wow u r so active!!

    HAH! Yeah! U r quick! Thank you for your support during the contest period! I just blogged about the event! Gosh, now mind still actively awake, can’t sleep at this hour!! OMG

  2. Hi Eunice,

    Always active to remain physically fit and healthy!

    I was blogging and surfing and saw the news faster than most people ! Congrats !

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